HELLO BEAUTIFUL.  I'm Angela Simson.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Mama Bear, Writer + Happiness Expert.


: making chocolate healthy
: the yogi lifestyle
: being a pretty average try hard photographer
: my husband (he looks like Clark Kent...yup)
: the chubby little cherub I birthed back in 2013 & our new baby girl who arrived last year


angela simson


I work with big hearted females (that's you) who feel like they've lost, or are yet to have found that golden light in life that makes them feel whole.  I'm here to bring you back home to yourself and your happiness. 


I do this by gently guiding you through the fog to rediscover


:: the vibrancy that comes with eating delicious, nutritious + satisfying foods

:: the connection you desire with your partner / family / soul sisters

:: your passion for life and your contribution to the world around you


I want you to fall back in love with the person you are and the world you've created for yourself.




+ Born in 1987 to two of the kindest and most generous people on this planet in Townsville, Australia. 


+ Met my husband in 2004.  He was my boss and I knew I would marry him from the second I saw him. I was a very wise 17 year old and he was a former model that was approaching his 26 year use by date in the industry (he was also a fashion store owner and solicitor but you know... details). 


+ Married Superman in 2011 and decided I wanted to make babies with the love of my life and be a present mother, not one laying in a dark, cold room for days at a time due to my constant debilitating migraines. 


+ Studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach.  


+ Made chubby babies and lived happily ever after, sans weekly migraines.



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Behind the heavily filtered happy snaps and photos sunsets over the ocean you’ll typically see on Instagram there’s so much more to a person’s life story. And I’m no exception. I am more than a handful of highlights listed out in bullet point form and I’m so glad you want to dig a little deeper. 


So what about the low points? I hear you asking. What was the low point that made you decide to take action?


I’ve read books about famous self help authors who reached their rock-bottom while in hysterics on the bathroom floor. Wellbeing coaches I admire detail moments of darkness on their websites which were the catalyst that to inspired them to make dramatic change. 


Because everyone needs to hit rock-bottom in order for them to want to change, right?




The truth is I’ve never been an unhappy person. For the most part I’ve plotted through life with a generally positive disposition. As luck would have it I’ve also been relatively unaffected by tragedy. You see, I don’t have tear jerking Oprah couch worthy rock bottom story to tell. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have room for improvement.


I've suffered from migraines since I was a young teen. To say they knock me out would be an understatement. I lose my vision, get pins and needles down one side of my body and the pain is so severe that when I was young I would beg mum to just chop off my head because I felt that I couldn’t bare it any more. Most times I'll end up vomiting and it takes me at least day to be able to function and wearily emerge my dark room. If you've ever experienced one, you'll know what I mean. The World Health Organisation classifies severe attacks like this as one of the most disabling illnesses you can have, comparable to dementia, quadriplegia and active psychosis. 


When Clark Kent (real name: Hugh) proposed to me in New York, my mind began to spin with thoughts of our future little family, being a good wife and living the life I had always dreamed of. But the dark cloud would always hang over my head, how could I look after a baby if I was having these migraines monthly, sometimes even weekly? 


The truth was, I couldn't. 


But I'm not a 'do nothing' kind of girl. Despite all the doctors, specialists and traditional practitioners I had seen in the past I knew there had to be something they had missed. I found a Naturopath online and booked in to see her the day we landed home from the USA. 


This is where EVERYTHING changed. She looked at my diet - Coco Pops, microwave meals, sausage rolls, chocolate and ice cream. I had no idea that what you ate had such an impact on all aspects of your health (other than weight). I was hugely uneducated and grew up with cereal and drive through McDonalds as my staple foods. Vegetables? Yuck! Fruit? Did banana bread count? Apparently not.


With her advice I cut gluten and dairy out of my diet. Stopped eating sugar and started downing green smoothies. Two weeks in and I was a new person. My skin was clearing up, I lost weight and my migraines decreased in severity. This was just the beginning. I found mentors to guide me through, I spent hours reading up on food and nutrition, researching toxins and playing around with my diet. Then one day, while I was opening up page one of 927 in my larger than life book on nutrients in food, Hugh recommended that I should actually start studying this instead of reading it for fun. 


So I did. I enrolled at the largest nutrition school in the world Institute for Integrative Nutrition – and started my journey to become a qualified Health Coach.


At first I was doing this purely for my family and our health. I wanted to be as vibrant as possible for this little baby we were planning on creating and I wanted to raise her so she could thrive in life and have the best chance at living fully. But through my time at IIN, I realised that health wasn't just what is on your plate.

gratitude project


Your body, your mind, your spirit and the world that you create for yourself... not just the food that goes in your mouth.



I then started to realise the ironies of the world we live in...


:: a rising obesity rate with more people than ever dying from diet related disease in a world that is diet and body image obsessed.



:: a disconnected society of lonely, unfulfilled, and depressed humans in a world where we are more connected to one another than ever before by social media.


:: a thirst and cry for knowledge in a world where the internet provides us with more information than we could possibly get through in a lifetime.


Knowing this, I couldn't live small anymore. I needed to do something the same way I needed oxygen to breathe. I know I'm only one person. While it's not likely I'll change the entire world, but during my time working as a Health Coach I’ve guided dozens of woman through my 1:1 programs to change their world for the better: Regaining their energy, love for life and have the skills to nurture the relationships that mean the most to them. Most importantly – the relationship they have with themselves.


So there you have it - I’m just a regular girl with an average upbringing and the same problem a lot of other people have (which is gone now, phew). But uncovering these so-called mysteries about my health opened me up to a life of abundance which I now get to share with my clients.


This is where I am now, and I'm absolutely thrilled that you're here.


All my love

angela simson


My journey to optimum health was nothing but enjoyable, and yours should be too.



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