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I do too!  Back in 2013 I created my recipe eBook - Treat Your Tastebuds when I realised how many women were struggling (much like I had years before) to curb their sugar addiction.  

These recipes have now helped thousands of women break the addiction, by replacing the white stuff with natural sweeteners and filling them with superfood goodness.  


Treat Your Tastebuds

Choc o'clock will no longer be a struggle between "I want a cookie" and "I'm on a diet"

I don't believe in testing willpower, seeing how far you can deprive yourself before you burst and find yourself covered in chocolate chips wondering where your dignity went.  Stop pushing yourself and start treating yourself to delicious sweet HEALTHY snacks that will leave you feeling energised and vibrant.  

Treat Your Tastebuds is full of treats designed to satisfy your sweet tooth while sneaking in superfoods, healthy fats and bursts of protein.  Foods that you can prepare and store in your freezer for those emergency style cravings, desserts that you can serve to your guests without them having an inkling that you're spiking their Chocolate Layer Cake with nourishing minerals and good fats and easy to make work snacks that you will have to hide so your co-workers don't steal them all.  




Have a great time exploring the rest of the site, make sure you check out the yummy recipes in the blog and be sure to get in touch if you think that you would like to chat about some one on one Health and Nutrition Coaching