Your Personal Gratitude Project

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Your Personal Gratitude Project


Learn to let go of the past, ditch comparison and love the life YOU'RE living right now!

Your Personal Gratitude Project is a self directed program combining the exact steps that not only I have used in my own personal transformation when healing from extreme self neglect, but that hundreds of women in this program have also used to become glowing, gorgeous gratitude gurus in their own right.

These steps combine the 6 core beliefs that I know to create lasting change when used effectively:


Here’s some loving words from past students:

"I came into this program feeling a lack of personal respect and very alone in my thoughts. I finished the program feeling empowered and on the path to change. I absolutely loved it and would recommend Angela’s programs to anyone who would like to discover the power of becoming focused on their own journey." Linda R.

“My past and fear of letting go was holding me back from feeling a real sense of
love. This program had me participating in activities that really woke me up to how honest I needed to be with all those around me. The 6 weeks saw me stepping into reality and gaining a security that I hadn’t had before. I can’t wait to be a part of what she creates next!” -
Peta J.

"I had created a negative default mindset over the last few years and this program helped me to see all the goodness in my life and that there wasn’t a reason to be living with such a view of the world. I know now that I can change the way I view things, from every day struggles to the challenges of being a mum. I’m so much more present, I’m happier and I feel like I’m glowing on the inside! Ange’s open and friendly voice helped me to reflect on myself and learn so much more than I expected." - Selena.

"The Personal Gratitude Project helped to inspire me to become more confident and stop thinking so negatively. This program helped me to acknowledge and control the self talk that goes on in my head daily. I realised I cannot be grateful for all that I have in life if I keep focusing and worrying about what I don’t have! - Brodie S.

This is the type of program that usually takes months to work through. After my years of coaching and working on my own personal development and growth, I know that these 6 steps can help take you to your own transformation in much less time. Plus the beauty of this structure is - you take it as fast or slow as you’d like! You’re in the drivers seat, I’m just holding the map for you!

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