Do you want to stop battling with your mind and start being truly happy?

Do you want to use proven techniques to build your confidence and stand tall in who it is you are?

Are you ready to be yourself... and LOVE it?  










It all comes down to one thing... 

Can you imagine a work environment where your boss is constantly telling you that you're not good enough or smart enough?  

One where each time you finish something, she tells you everything you did wrong and how you could have been better?  

One where she was comparing you CONSTANTLY to your co-workers?


Wouldn't you feel under valued, unmotivated and kind of like you wanted to give up?  



That is how you feel constantly under the reign of a negative mind.  



If you are used to hearing things like:


"You're too fat to wear that"

"Why would you even try to attempt that, you'll never make it"

"He's too good for you"


Then you are suffering from a distinctive lack of SELF LOVE. 

Practicing regular self love is like having a boss who believes 100% in everything that you do.  

Who doesn't care if you've messed up because they know you're capable of greatness.  

One who isn't just telling you how to do things, but reminding you each and every step that you CAN do them.  

Now, I could sit here and tell you to simply start believing in yourself and that's it.  But if it were that easy, wouldn't you have done it already?


You're sitting at your computer on on your phone right now with YEARS of negative self talk imprinted into your memory.  A mind set change simply isn't as simple as flicking a switch.  There are proven methods and systems that can get you in a good relationship with your mind and starting to accomplish what you've always wanted.  I've watched these methods work with my own eyes.  



Praise for The Gratitude Projects online programs




:: You've quit diets because one bite of some office birthday cake had you thinking "You've failed already, you don't have the willpower to eat healthily so you may as well go back and get seconds, fatty"


:: Job opportunities have gone to your less qualified co-workers because time was wasted thinking up all the ways you could be turned down for a promotion or telling yourself you would never get it anyway.


:: Fear has stood in the way of you getting what you want.  Starting up your own business, standing up to a mean co-worker and constantly being pushed around by her, asking that guy you like out for a juice.  


:: And, finally... You're committed to making a change.



Change is easy, but only if you know how to do it.  

As I mentioned above, you don't change simply by deciding to do so.  You change by putting practices into place that will see you making sustainable and long term habits that will benefit you mentally and physically.  


I want to hold your hand and guide you through these changes. 


we all need more self love, but i only have 30 spaces available for this exclusive program.


Keeping this program smaller means I can spend more quality time with you and we can connect on a deeper level.  

:: Bi-weekly group coaching calls to discuss together the topic of the week and get clear on our goals and intentions

:: One private 1:1 coaching call with me to track your progress and personalise your program further.

:: Fully structured worksheets

:: Private group access to interact with your peers

:: One month of on going email support

:: Discounts on my Six Soul Sessions + Full Wellbeing Transformation if you feel the need to do more inner work after the 6 weeks is up



Over the 6 weeks we will go step by step through the process of releasing your negative self talk and filling that space with self love.  I created this program because the number one issue my clients face is pushing past their blocks created by lack of confidence and belief in what they can do.  






I don't believe that can happen with a negative mindset and constant mean self talk.  Imagine what you could do if your doubt moved aside and let you do whatever it was that you wanted to?



Self love

We will go deep into what self love is and what it isn't.  Despite popular belief, it's not just taking baths and booking in massages occasionally.  Self love is something we feel on a deeper level and needs all senses to be involved.  

Tools that will set you up for a successful Self Love Transformation 

Intention setting for the program


Self Talk

Why self love begins in the brain.

Affirmations to get you on track to rewriting your though patterns.  Learn to catch a thought before it becomes a belief.  


it's ok to be selfish

Self love rituals that you can seamlessly incorporate into your everyday life. 

Building your no muscle.


Redefining your wants from your needs

Defining why forgiveness is crucial for a healthy self love mind.

Adding more of what you're good at into your daily routine to promote confidence.  


Setting healthy boundaries

Being compassionate for your situation and the situations of others.  Learning to use boundaries as a method of pure self love so that you can be sure there is more good coming in and negative being left outside.  

Building a community that lifts you up and supports your dreams.  


Healthy body, healthy mind

In the final week we will amp up the self care by honouring the truth that a healthy body drives a healthy mind.  

Intention setting for the future following the program.  





I had to let my negativity and fear go when I started the Gratitude Project.  



In the beginning, I stalled, I made excuses.  I was afraid of failing and letting the world in to watch it happen.  But I knew that nothing would come of watching life on the side lines.  I didn't want to continue to watch people doing work they loved and kicking ass at life while I did nothing out of fear.  


I wanted to live.  And I wanted to live in the best way I possibly could.  


So I pushed aside every limiting belief I had, put a lid on those voices and only allowed the good to get in.  

And it's gotten me further than I could've imagined. 


There is absolutely no reason why that can't happen for you.  I am no more worthy, smart, talented or lucky than you are.  I did one thing, I started to tell myself that I was worthy, that I COULD do whatever I wanted and that I could do it really well.  I started to implant the belief that I could be successful.  Three years later and I'm everything I wanted to be back then.  Because I started to believe I deserved the good.


:: My relationships changed

Serious self love shows people that you are 100% worth of it.  When you love on yourself and treat yourself well, it gives everyone else permission to treat you that way also.  Self love took the strain off my relationship with my husband.  I no longer needed his validation and praise which was actually a huge turn on for him.  Seeing the person you love feeling confident in all areas of their being makes you want to love them just as much.  That's exactly what happened, I love myself and in turn, he fell deeper in love with me.  


:: I was able to dissipate the negative space in my mind...

...and fill it with goodness.  I wasted YEARS of my life thinking about how I could loose weight, pondering on where I had gone wrong in my diet that week, thinking about how I was inferior to my co-workers and fantasising about how much better my life could be if I were more like them, focusing on the chipped paint on my walls or that carpet stain that I was SURE my friends would have noticed.  I used up so much time criticising myself.  I could've studied to become a fully qualified doctor in the time I wasted on self loathing!  


:: I let go of the past 

This was a big one for me.  We all hold on to things that have occurred and they can dramatically effect how we live our day to day life. Finding self love meant for me that I was able to view the past subjectively and see it for was it really is, gone, and in the past.  This made it so much easier to accept what had happened and focus on the present moment and what I wanted for my future.  


:: I created a mindset that could handle the worst circumstances with grace

I've had some pretty traumatic and ground shaking situations happen to me and my family over the past few years.  In the past, when things got tough, I was only able to focus on the bad and retreat to my dark hole.  I now have the tools to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and peace when things are happening beyond my control.  This is the time when my self love practice gets amped up and the results of the work start to show up.  


These are all benefits that I have grown despite the fact that I used to be drowning in a pool of absolute self loathing. 



If you would say any of the below to yourself - 


"I'm not good enough"

"I can't do what she does"

"They would like me"

"But I've tried before and failed"

"What happened to me as a child means that I will never be happy"

"I don't feel worthy of love"

"I can't be bothered with this all"

"I don't know how to love myself"

"This would only work if I were skinnier/smarter/younger/had a better job/was healthier"


Then a Self Love Transformation is necessary for you.  





And I'm sure the biggest question that would be on your mind right now is... Can you guarantee that I'll be happier at the end of 6 weeks?


My answer is... NO.  That would be completely irresponsible of me to make such claims.  I cannot guarantee your happiness, only you can do that.  And the first step to this program is BELIEVING that things can be better.  Because I feel like you wouldn't be here if you didn't feel like there was a chance, even the smallest one.  

I can give you everything you need to get to where you want to be, happy and loving on yourself in every way.  But you are the one who needs to use them.


So it depends.  How badly do you want it?  



If you're willing to put in the work and retrain yourself to a habit of loving the person that you are in every single way (yes, every delicious bit of you!) then I hope that you can be one of the lucky few that joins this ride with me.  



I've done the hard work so that you don't have to any more.  If there is a better time than now to be happy, it's yesterday, so get your butt into gear! 


The 6 Week Self Love Transformation is a step by step, complete program that is designed to support and guide you to enrich your life with more self love, more confidence and glowing sense of self all through changing the way you speak to, treat and love yourself completely.  


I'm sure you're at the moment where you're wondering what the investment is to be one of just 30 women to learn the tools to complete self love and get some 1:1 personal coaching with myself?



Really, you can do it yourself for free if you'd like to.  You can do exactly what I've done.  Spend hours or days on intense self reflection.  Read 100's of books on the topic of health and happiness, plus spend 1000s of dollars to learn and become qualified to do this work.  


Or you could save yourself the time and put that effort and money towards living your life purpose and utilize my knowledge and guidance within this complete step by step program.  



I want you to get the absolute most out of your self love practice and I want NOTHING to stand in the way of you falling in love with yourself. I stand 100% behind my program and these proven methods so you're welcome to try it out for the first 21 days and if it's not your jam, I will refund you 100% of your payment.  Because that's how confident I am in what I have created for you.  

Full access 

bi-Weekly interactive group coaching calls

Structured worksheets

one private 1:1 coaching call with me

Ongoing email support 

Advanced program discounts


*payment plan available below




"Taking this course was a complete transformation for me.  I learned to appreciate my self and the things that happen to me in life so much more and I know now how to forgive fully.  The program made me so happy!  My husband noticed that I am happier, more content and calmer person.  After realising all the good in my life, I couldn’t help but be happier.  


I’ve left this course on a natural high!  Ange was wonderful, always so open to helping us and responded to any of our concerns on the group page quickly and personally.   I wish the program could have lasted forever!"






"I feel light hearted and hopeful, finishing Ange’s program has left me better than when I started.  I’ve realised that I need to stop and take care of myself everyday.  Knowing this has granted me with love, light and the reassurance that my self care is a priority so I can better take care of others.  Having Ange as a loving and caring guide through it was exactly what I needed.  I would absolutely take part in anything she creates!"  





"I wish this program could’ve kept on going!  I enjoyed doing the work, Ange was like a bestie that I could share anything with and it was good to not just have something to read but to actually be help accountable.  During the 6 weeks I realised that I didn’t value myself enough, I was constantly wanting the best for everyone around me but forgetting about myself.  It’s ok to say no sometimes to other and yes to my self care.  I’m not perfect, but I’m in a better place where I can remember to work on myself daily and that’s my biggest take away from this."





"Ange helped to inspire me to become more confident and stop thinking so negatively.  This program helped me to acknowledge and control the self talk that goes on in my head daily.  I realised I cannot be grateful for all that I have in life if I keep focusing and worrying about what I don’t have!  

It was reassuring to know I’m not alone in feeling this way and the program was an amazing reminder of the support out there."





"I gained so much from The Gratitude Transformation - positivity, love, self care, gratitude.  

I loved the challenges, learning to let things go and to enjoy being present in the moment.  I’ve left the program feeling more at peace with myself and I’m so happy that I can now live with a mindset of gratitude in focus.  Ange was charming and I’m so glad that I got to learn from her in this program.  I absolutely loved it!"  





"I was stuck putting myself last and my family first.  The typical wife/mother role with absolutely no self care. 

I did this program not only so I could open my eyes to the positives in me, but so I could bring my daughter up having the self esteem that I've been lacking in the past.  

During my time in the program, I gained clarity on how I needed to start treating myself and living my life appreciating the small things that make me so happy.

Ange is an angel in disguise and I would sign up for any program she was involved with!" 


N. hall



Gain total access RIGHT NOW! 



First payment today and final payment at Week 3 of the program.


How does this program differ from any other online happiness course? 

Well, it's run by me, which means you're getting first hand tips and experience from someone who has not only been through the transformation first hand, but has also coached hundreds of women through the same thing.  You'll receive never before shared honest stories about my journey and the way I went from self loathing to self loving, personalised support and guidance through some 1:1 coaching sessions and incredible sister hood love from the Facebook community.  If you've ever been inspired by something I've written or said, or wanted to work with me 1:1 as a coach but your finances couldn't permit you to, this is the BEST way to tap into the goodness I can offer you.  We focus on many different areas of Self Love and the good news is, if you need the extra help, you can chat to me about it during our 1:1 session time.  

How is the content delivered?

The transformation is broken up into 6 weeks and is delivered straight into your inbox with the weeks recordings that you can listen to in your car or while your partner is watching sport, plus your worksheets and details for any weekly group calls.  The fact that this is delivered into your inbox means you can keep the goodness to go back over at any time you need it.  


Can I take the course if I don't live in Australia?

Yes, of course!  As this is 100% online you can take the Self Love Transformation from anywhere in the world that has internet access.  


When does the Self Love Transformation start?  

We will begin week one on Tuesday August 9, 2016.  


I have a special event/holiday/crazy work schedule happening right in the middle of the course and I worry I will fall behind.  Can I still participate?

Definitely.  As mentioned, the content is delivered into you inbox, so you can work through at your own pace.  The only deadline is your 1:1 coaching session with me.  It must be redeemed 3 months after the first week!


How much time do I need to invest each week?

Each week's materials will take about 1-2 hours to listen to and complete.  The real work happens outside of that, when you implement the strategies into your everyday life.  


Can I get a refund if it's not right for me?

Absolutely.  Of course I believe in this and I know that the 6 weeks are packed full of self love gold, but if for some reason you're unhappy you can opt out within the first 21 days for a full refund.  Simply email me at  


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  You can pay in one instalment of $249 or two payments of $145.  All prices are in Australian dollars.