:: Thomas Gordon - 12 Communication Roadblocks

I originally found this article when reading Thomas Gordon's book Parent Effectiveness Training (highly recommended for my mama clients) and I was blown away at how these 12 roadblocks take place in everyday life, not just with children.  Avoid using these blocks when you're trying to effectively communicate with someone in your life who you're having trouble understanding.  I have this list printed on our fridge and I constantly check in with myself to make sure I'm listening in a way that will help my family feel heard.

:: Overcoming Conflict

Would you rather be right, or at peace?  This worksheet will help you deal with conflict in your relationships.

:: The Five Love Languages 

A quick quiz to help you find your love language so you can express to your partner better what makes you feel loved and they can do the same.  

:: Clear Communication With Your Partner

Questions and tips on how to communicate more clearly with your loved one. 




:: Good + Bad Cholesterol

A great read if you've been diagnosed with high cholesterol and want to know how you can better understand the difference between good and bad.  



:: Clean Sweep 

The Clean Sweep is a year long checklist to get your life de-cluttered and everything in order!  

:: Tips to Slow Down

If you're suffering from what Dr Libby calls Rushing Woman's Syndrome, this is a quick read to help you slow it all down.  

:: Lifestyle Suggestions 

Simple suggestions to easily nudge you forward to a more natural way of living. 

:: Morning Pages

A excerpt from Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way.  Morning Pages are like a giant mind cleanse first thing in the morning, perfect if you're having trouble shutting off your negative thoughts during the day.  

:: Twenty Ways to Live a Charmed Life

After reading this I want you to create your own list of 20 ways YOU can lead a charmed life.  

:: Our Deepest Fear

This is one of the most powerful things I've ever read in my life.  Drink in the words you're about to read and never forget them.  



:: Do What You Love

A little advice on how to find work you love or alternatively, learn to love the work you already do.  


:: 12 Lies of the Impostor Complex by Tanya Geisler

I suffered from Impostor Complex for a LONG TIME and wrote about it in this blog post.  These 12 lies by Tanya are the perfect explaination of what your mind is going through and some quick rational thoughts to get you shining! 

Goal Setting


:: What Does Your Future Hold 

A glimpse into what you can achieve this lifetime by setting the right goals.

:: Hold Yourself Accountable

A work sheet to help you learn to hold yourself accountable to your goals.  This is ideal to prepare you for life when you no longer need me as a  Health Coach! 

:: Vision Board

My number one tip when you want to achieve something, put it on your vision board and have it somewhere you will view it daily.  



:: Exercise Progress Sheet

Keep track of your exercise and progress with this printable and easy to use work sheet.  

:: Are You Craving Movement?

Learn to read your body and find workouts that you will actually love to do. 



Below is a list of my favourite books and links to where you can buy them.  Reading and becoming educated on a topic you're passionate about will feed your transformation.  Ask me at our next session if I think there is a certain book for your needs.




I'm a fan of this book as it looks back to the way our ancestors ate and focuses on getting the most amount of nutrients out of our daily diet.  This book reminds you that your body needs good quality fats and teaches you to add more nutrient dense vegetables and fruits to your diet in a way that is completely non-intimidating for our everyday life.  

This book is full of recipes (over 700) and I've found it to be really practical as a working mama.  It's greatly informative and changed the way I look at food and my diet.  

Please note that this book isn't appropriate for my vegetarian clients.



Beginning my journey to health was small changes over a long period of time.  The one habit I had mountains of trouble kicking was my emotional eating.  I would eat to celebrate, eat to feel whole, eat when I was nervous, eat when I was bored.  I was eating healthy but I was eating way too much.  

This book made it simple.  It gave me the tips I needed to stop myself mid fridge graze and figure out what I was actually hungry for - movement, attention, love.  

If you're struggling with over-eating or emotional eating, this is the perfect soul filled read.



I had the privilege of experiencing the magic of Donna Gates when she was a lecturer during my time studying at IIN.  Her words, her straightforward vision of food and gut health seemed so advanced but also made so much sense.  To think she had been spreading this message for years before was simply praise to how much dedication has gone into her research.  

Sprouting praise from people like Jessica Biel, Louise Hay & David Wolfe, this is a book that can help you heal gut issues, candida, low energy levels or a yeast imbalance using proven knowledge about healing foods and practical ways to implement the teachings.  





This book is simple to read, effective but strongly backed by the latest scientific breakthroughs on the way we feel and the changes we are capable of making to our brain.  

Dr Hanson explains the 'negativity bias' and how we can literally reshape our brain to become more positive, pleasant and happy people. A super easy read and a book I would recommend to every single one of my clients. 



This book has helped millions of people to heal and I'd say if you haven't heard of Louise Hay yet, you're most in need of these teachings! 

Also made into a documentary on FMTV (see below for your free trial!), You Can Heal Your Life teaches you that you are in full control.  The book will teach you that your thoughts and how you utilise your mind completely effect the world around and inside of you.  

Louise is practical and will help you see your life clearly and think much differently!




Melissa came into my life and showed me that she literally is living what she preaches and it shows.  This girl is radiant, glowing, vibrant and masters her mean girl in a way that is so completely relatable.  

This book takes you through the steps to getting outside of the negativity and back home to your authentic self.  It teaches you to kick your mean girl to the curb and live a life that is bursting with love.  

From health, wealth and love - this covers it all.  Perfect for my clients dealing with confidence issues and in need of an extra self love boost.  




Yes yes yes that is THE Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat, Pray, Love.  She's come back with this incredible journey through the creative process and living beyond fear.  

Elizabeth makes it crystal clear why sometime we have great ideas that never eventuate, why then someone else is doing what you wanted and how you can live creatively and passionately by doing exactly what it is you're on this planet to do.

The perfect book for any of my clients who are looking to build a business based around what they love. 



Jeff Walker is an online marketing genius but the best part, he does it all from the heart.  No slimey sales pitches.  This book is all about launching your business or product out to the world in the best way possible so that you can have the impact you deserve.  

I re-read this book whenever I'm launching a new e-book or program and it has served me incredibly well.  Perfect if you're wanting to start up your online business.  



Advice from the woman who started the Huffington Post?  Yes, please! 

I read this book in 2015 and devoured it over one day while travelling to NZ. Arianna gives her tips and tricks to running a successful business while also looking after your mental and physical wellbeing.  The book does teach you to thrive in business and life. 

This book helped me to regain my work / life / mama balance with ease.  



Instead of plonking yourself down for a bit of Netflix & binge eat, pull up a documentary or film that will actually feed your mind and soul and get you on the path you wish to take.  


I'm a huge fan of FMTV - which for just $9.95 a month gives you unlimited access to over 600 health and wellness videos.  Documentaries, expert interviews, yoga flows and healthy delicious recipes, it's the most comprehensive collection of health and wellness videos online that I've ever found.  

Out of all the documentaries on this amazing incredible wellness platform, my favourites are - 








This section is my treasure trove of delicious, nutritious recipes that I use often and absolutely love.  I prefer a diet that is dairy, gluten and sugar free but always take into account your personal dietary needs.



paleo bread

This bread, covered in some avocado, topped with a poached egg and some Kim Chi, is my favourite way to start the day. Not just for breakfast but anytime I want the comfort of a sandwich without the bloating afterwards.  Can be sliced and frozen individually.



Sweet Chilli Sauce

Home made and with no preservatives, this is a healthy version of the usually sugar laden bottles you can buy in the supermarket.  




San Choy Bow

A few small changes with this recipe.

:: Use Coconut Oil instead of Rice Bran Oil

:: Don't worry about the wine, it's delicious without it.


Creamy Roasted Corn Soup

A yummy vegan soup for the cooler winter months.  Always use organic corn as convential is usually highly genetically modified! 


Ginger Greens

A perfect side dish or a light meal in itself, this is the delicious way to easily get your greens in.


Sweet Potato Salad with Quinoa

I pretty much make this salad every time we have guests coming over.  It's simple, so delicious and a complete meal in itself if you want it to be.  


Chicken Pad Thai

This recipe from Dr Libby's recipe book Real Food Story is my favourite twist on a take out fave.  Kelp noodles are a great swap for rice noodles if you're leaning towards a paleo / grain free diet and the flavours are to die for.


Sweet Treats


Bulletproof Chocolate Ice Cream

This is my go-to Ice Cream recipe.  I love fruit ice cream made from bananas but I'm quite sensitive to the natural sugars in fruit (especially in the evening) so this is a protein packed version full of healthy fats.  The creators actually originally called this "Get Some Ice Cream" because it has everything you need in it to get your hormones ready for some baby making!  

You'll need a high powered blender and an ice cream maker.  I got this one on sale and it was well worth the $20.

This does contain eggs so not suitable for my vegan clients.  




I use essential oils cosmetically, therapeutically and to uplift the energy in my home.  Below are links to the doTERRA oils I love and the way I use them all.  You can purchase by clicking the image and searching for the oil you need. 

Learn more about DoTERRA and how you can purchase your oils at wholesale prices by clicking the button below! 

This is my go to oil for almost everything!  

Lavender is relaxing, I diffuse it in our bedrooms at night and rub some between my brows when I need to calm down or to calm down Bo.  It's soothing, relaxing and moisturising.  I use it on burns + to relax irritated skin also.  

Lavender is the most uplifting oil and if you only get one, get this one! 


On Guard is literally my family protector.  

It's strong immune boosting properties and purifying support make it ideal if you have a household that is often sick.  I rub it on the bottom of Bo's feet the days that she is at Kindy and she has only ever had a runny nose twice and a little cough once and I thank this oil for protecting her.  

On Guard is also a great home surface cleaner.  If you're wanting to make your own cleaning products, you'll need some On Guard!

I use this oil on sore muscles from working out or even when I wake up with a stiff neck.  

It's a essential blend with some beautiful oils to help soothe and cool areas.  Use it as you would those muscle relaxation gels from the chemist, but without the nasty chemicals. 

I love this oil for massage and relaxation.  

I'm a big fan of putting a scent to a relaxing experience so that when you're feeling tense, you can inhale the aroma and your body and mind will naturally go back to that calm state. 

This is a beautiful oil to use with meditation also.  

Helichrysum is one of the more expensive oils and for a pretty good reason.  

This is the best oil for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting a glowing complexion.  I also have recently started using this on my spider veins that appeared when I was pregnant with Bo.  

Also a great blemish treatment + scar healer.  

If you're ever wondering what I'm doing when I rub my hands together and smell them during our sessions, it's because I'm inhaling Wild Orange oil.  

This is my essential for concentration.  Wild Orange uplifts and energises me whenever I need it.  Taken orally it's full of antioxidants and I love to add a few drops to bliss balls for a nice orange tang.  

I use this oil in my cooking mostly, please be aware that doTERRA is the only food grade essential oil on the market, so please don't use any other brands in cooking.  

I also carried Ginger with me during my pregnancy, it's great for nausea.  Simply inhaling it's scent or using a few drops in a cup of warm water can help to reduce the effects of morning sickness or nausea.  Also wonderful for digestion! 

Apart from being delicious in tea, Peppermint is a powerhouse oil to have in your home medicine cabinet.  

We use it to calm upset stomaches, help our digestion and as a natural mouthwash for fresh breath.

Peppermint is one of doTERRAs best selling oils and I consider it a staple in any home.

Geranium is my calming oil, both for my mind and for my skin.  

I use this oil mixed with coconut oil on my face when it needs some soothing and I combine it with Lavender oil as a chest rub to bring me down before I go to bed.  Geranium has given my skin a new glow.

This is also a natural insect repellant, bonus! 

Breathe is a gorgeous respiratory blend that I use in place of certain chest rubs for coughs and colds.  

This is a more natural, soothing treatment that you can diffuse in your room to keep your airways feeling clear and promote a restful night. 

This paired with On Guard is my winter sidekicks for keeping the nasties away.