The Health Hub Collective is a wellness community with resources for your health, fitness and lifestyle.  This is not a diet, trend or short term fix.  This is a space where you will receive lifetime access to lasting results and create habits to support you on your journey to feeling and looking your absolute best! 

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gain vitality

I used to count calories, what a waste of time!  Now, I measure my health based on vitality - how clear my skin is, if my clothes feel comfortable, the brightness of my eyes, my ability to think clearly, having steady energy through the whole day and comfortable digestion.  That's the vitality I aspire to each and every day. 

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utilise mindset over willpower 

Chronic 'should-ing' can ruin you.  If you tell yourself you should go to the gym and should drink that juice, does it make you want to do it more?  Being healthy means saying I choose to because I want to!  For example - "I choose to eat loads of greens because I want to nourish my body" is way more inspiring than "I should because I was told to".  

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eat delicious food

Usually you will find health programs giving you bland and repetitive recipes and meal plans that don't yield excitement.  This is completely different.  With hundreds of delicious recipes for you to choose from, you won't feel deprived at ANY moment in the Health Hub Collective! 


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When you join the Health Hub Collective, you'll not only receive over 200 recipes, meal guides, shopping lists, workout routines and gratitude worksheets but you'll also get access to the support of a community that are experiencing the transformation with you!

Because I care about this being enjoyable, you don't need to worry that you'll be calorie counting or depriving yourself at any time. We focus on real food and creating a healthy culture around food in your home so that your entire family will benefit.  We also have lots of recipes that cater to vegetarian and allergy friendly homes if needed.  

All recipe books and tools are in an easy downloadable eBook form, so you can keep them on your smart phone or tablet to access where ever you may be.  

Plus, each month we will schedule in a 30 minute Coaching Call so we can discuss your goals, track your progress and make sure that you're on track to living the life that you want to live! 



There are different levels of support and nourishment for every health goal and budget!  Starting at just $19.80 per week for the basics you can get total lifetime access to the Health Hub!  Plus, because nutrition in kids is a big passion of mine, you can also sponsor one child to eat on this program for FREE.  



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Minimum paid access to the Health Hub is 4 months.  You will have LIFETIME access to all recipes, meal plans and other resources once you've joined as a member.  Paid access includes monthly 30 minute Coaching Sessions and nutrition support.