What if you got to wake up in the morning and decide how you would spend your day?


What if you were able to make choices based on your values, like buying organic food or doing mum care instead of daycare?  


What if you were able to create this all by being of service to others & helping them thrive in their health and wellbeing?  


Would you take a closer look?


At the beginning of 2017, Hugh and I asked ourselves ‘what if?’ 


We were in pain.  Firstly in my health and then in our life.  After the birth of our beautiful second born girl, I had to get straight back into my business and start working again to support our family.  This isn’t awful, I love my job!  But what was difficult was being up all night with a newborn and then working all day on calls, supporting and creating within my business.  What was difficult was going through the day and forgetting to eat a proper meal and seeing my health start to deteriorate as a result.  What was difficult was being in a state of utter exhaustion but not being able to take a break.  


JBT Program








This mama was tired.  This photo is when Harper was 4 weeks old and you can see in every part of me that I'm struggling.  It was such a beautiful time that I was feeling so overwhelmed with.  I was a breastfeeding new mama of two that had already gone back to work.  


So I did my research.  As a breastfeeding woman I was meant to be having 7 servings of vegetables per day and I was barely getting in my green smoothie and downing a few bites of dinner between feeds.  That was not good enough.  But I was determined to make change. I committed to batch cooking, making food a priority and nourishing myself again and on top of that, I found a line of nutrition support with zero crazy chemicals and weird ingredients I couldn't pronounce to bridge the gap between what I was having and what my body was needing.  


I was a different woman.  


Within two weeks I had -

:: gained enough energy to start working out, waking up at 5am for the early class at my local F45 while the family slept.

:: stopped falling asleep at 7pm while feeding Harper and started staying up late enough to spend quality time with my husband.

:: seen a complete change in my skin from the hormonal acne to literally as blemish free as I’d ever been!

:: become me again, she got lost for a moment there. 


JBT program

I was out of bed and back into ENJOYING my life as a working mum. How could I not?  This was my work day, baby in arms while I got to do work that filled me up, contributed to others and fit in with the schedule of my newborn.  


So obviously, I shared my new secret with everyone I thought would benefit.  I am very cautious of what I put in my body and so my loved ones know they can trust a clean source of nutrients from anything I recommend.  This is literally fruits, vegetables and berries. Who doesn't need more of that?  From my mum to my bestie and my loving clients.  I was telling EVERYONE about it and couldn’t wait to see what they experienced.  

Then, not long after I was raving to my friend Kira about the results she said to me -

“You know there is a business here?” 

And I did.  But I judged immediately and stated in my mind that “I don’t DO network marketing!” and laughed it off for a moment...



What I knew?  Very little.  I just had heard all this stuff about pyramid schemes and being sleazy.  Mostly I believed that in order to even be successful, you had to be at the top.  And even then you’re just making someone else money, right?  


Wrong.  I didn’t even know that I was already direct selling in a way.  Each time I would rave about a product I loved on Instagram, I was direct selling.  Whenever I told my mum that she had to buy these amazing jeans I was loving, I was direct selling.  


I just wasn’t being rewarded financially for sending business to big companies.  My reward was in seeing my loved ones happy and using products and services that I love and aligned with. 


So I caught myself, because who am I to judge without the facts?  


And what I found?  That your earnings in this business are a direct reflection of the work you put into your business.  There is not some greedy guts at the top taking everything while you get a small percentage (which is more like traditional business these days, the CEO takes the big bucks and everyone else works hard for minimum wage).  


Plus, it was a pregnancy and breastfeeding safe product, free from crazy unpronounceable ingredients like some other things I'd seen out there.  This was something I would happily put in my body without hesitation! 


Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 6.53.16 am.png



I can't put my name and business towards a company that isn't heart driven and I never would sacrifice this beautiful community I've created without knowing everything I possibly could.  


:: Would I put my trust in a company that is almost 50 years old

:: With a product that has been around for 24 years and had over 30 medical journal published studies proving its effectiveness? 

:: With no minimums, no monthly quota and no "pay to unlock your commissions" structure? 


The short answer, yes!


Because the values of longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity and approachability are important to me and in seeing that they are the core values of this company, I jumped in.  



I already had zero extra hours in the day but I wanted more freedom, I wanted to wake up and choose my children before anything else.  I wanted to be able to not think twice about the family trip to the chiropractor and be able to buy all organic food for my family.  I wanted to travel, let my girls experience the world with us by their side. 


My desires were bigger than the fear of no time.  


But I soon found out that it wasn’t that hard.  


I had an incredible support network that held my hand the entire way.  My mentors are lovingly invested in my growth and success but also my happiness.  They gave me a complete structure and blueprint of exactly what I needed to do in order to replicate their 7 figure success.  


What’s even better?  


I get to share that structure, the step by step simplicity to the girls that I’m now mentoring.  I get to give them the keys to create an abundant life and be by their side as they navigate their map to success.  


I get to help others create the abundance that I’m chasing.  


Take a deeper look...




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