The reason I'm in love with DoTERRA is the purity.  These are 100% pure oils, no fillers.  When I first started playing around with the idea of getting oily I purchased some lavender from the health food store only to find out that it was 10% lavender essential oil and 90% 'multi purpose filler'.  Not cool.  


DoTERRA lets you get what you pay for, no fillers or nasties, just the pure oil and because of that, their effectiveness is through the roof. It's also CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) which means that the testing standard requires that all the oil extracts are free of other foreign materials and it also tests for certain compounds and certain levels so they meet the performance criteria for each lot of oils.  


The company also sources from where plants thrive the most. Different oils come from all over the world, with other 100 different essential oils from over 40 nations, DoTERRA truly offers the best from around the globe.  They work with local farmers and place value on expert knowledge. 


Learn more about doTERRA co-impact sourcing here.


Lastly - because it just works.  I've been using DoTERRA for the last few years and my family have benefited greatly.  My daughter, Bo, started kindy and in over 18 months only ever came home with a runny nose twice and was never one to catch a cough or cold when it was going around.  My husband uses it for relieving aches and pains from training and I personally have 100's of uses that I want to share with you, from my mental health to preparing my body for childbirth, these oils have seen and helped me through a whole lot!


Want to get oily with me?


If you've been reading about DoTERRA and want to get started with Essential Oils, you can click below and start shopping at retail price



The smartest way to get buying with DoTERRA is to open a wholesale account, which I 100% recommend as there are no minimum orders or obligations (unless you sign up for an LRP or want to earn commissions - more on that below) and you get wholesale prices on all your oils.  




By signing up through a DoTERRA leader, you don't just get delicious oils delivered to you when you want them, you also get... ME!  

I'm a big supporter of people wanting to supercharge their health and happiness, so when you start your wholesale account through me, you'll not only get better prices on your oils but also me to support you through your journey.  


lets get you started! 


Like I mentioned, the benefit of a wholesale account isn't just wholesale prices on oils, it's also the fact that you aren't locked into ordering or obliged to spend a certain amount on oils each month.


I'd love to help you get started with supercharging the health and wellness of yourself and your family.  Click below if you'd like me to walk you through the steps to get your account going.



But if you're a little more DIY and want to get right into it immediately, you can use these easy to follow instructions to get you started...  






:: Click the link below to take you to my doTERRA team page.

:: Click Join & Save from the top toolbar

:: Choose the country and language that's for you

:: Choose 'Local'

:: Choose 'Wholesale Prices'

:: Fill in the fields for your personal information.  If you don't have an ABN that's totally fine, but if you want to share the oils and make money with doTERRA you'll need to get one eventually.  

:: Under 'Enroller ID' please enter the number : 2002238

:: Click continue when you've finished filling in the page

:: Select which kit you would like to order.  You don't need to purchase a kit to receive your wholesale prices, you can buy your oils one at a time and pay an initial $35 membership fee.  If you do buy a kit, the $35 fee is waived and you get a whole lot of oils at a very good rate.  I personally recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit as you get triple the amount of oils as the Essential Collection Kit for less that double the price.  

Here's a look at all the kits so you can make the right choice for yourself.  

:: Enter your payment details and process your order! 



That's it!  If you have any troubles or need support in doing this, feel free to click below to ask me anything.  Once I receive confirmation of your enrolment I will start to send you out your email newsletter with tips and tricks on how to effectively use doTERRA to supercharge your health and wellness.  






When I'm overwhelmed I diffuse Geranium + Lavender for emotional balance and calm.  For meditation - Frankincense is the 'royal oil' for effectively calming an anxious mind.



I've been rubbing a small amount of On Guard on the sole of Bo's feet ever since she started Kindy and I can safely say her immune system has stood up extremely well to the array of 'kindy bugs' that seem to be passed around.  

Our whole family diffuses Breathe in our rooms during cold and flu season while we sleep to keep seasonal threats at bay and promote a restful sleep. 



I love a drop of Lemon in my morning water to help me focus and alkalise my body.  Peppermint when I'm working to uplift me.  I also use Lemongrass, Cinnamon & Ginger in my cooking to add a boost of flavour.  



During a bout of mastitis during my first two weeks at home with my newborn Harper, I rubbed Lemongrass and Lavender on my infected breast and used Frankincense for internal healing.  I also diffused Geranium for the emotional ups and downs I was experiencing!  



Frankincense and Helichrysum blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil at night is an incredible anti-ageing skin treatment!  My yoga teacher has sworn by this combo and has the most incredible skin I've seen on someone her age, with no botox or fillers!  



Instead of using cosmetic perfumes that are filled with ingredients that trigger migraines and allergies in myself, oils like Cheer or Whisper smell one hundred times better with the benefit of therapeutic healing.



Clary Sage at that time of the month is amazing, I also used it on my ankles during labour and afterwards to help bring my uterus back to size.  


I use Lavender on my temples and Peppermint on the back of my neck when I have a headache, but the real gold in my little bag of oils is Frankincense.  When I have a migraine, I put a drop on my finger and press it to the roof of my mouth and within a few minutes my pain has been relieved, it's like magic!