How do you feel when you wake up each morning?


Are you bursting with love?

Do you feel energised and vibrant, ready to take on the day?

Is there a deep level of excitement dwelling in your belly?


If you're missing (or are waiting to find) that passion for life, the urge to love hard, nourish right and move mindfully - YOU'RE RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE.





If you're looking for a little more clarity on what it is I do as a coach, kick up your feet and read THIS BLOG POST BELOW to clear the fog for you and make the decision if this is what you need! 


:: Realistic step by step guidance to bring you organically to your best health + develop a kick ass relationship with food

:: Nourishment for all areas needed in your life - a fulfilling career, loving relationships, rewarding exercise routine and soulful spirituality

:: Foundations to help you create your own self care routine + easily fit activities like mediation and relaxation into your busy schedule

:: Tips for family organisation to help you home life flow smoothly day to day

:: Loving exercise and wellbeing tasks to keep you feeling energised and light

:: Increased energy and vitality

:: The desire to make every day of your life the best day of your life.  No more simply going through the motions.  You'll be introduced to what it feels like to be truly happy from within

:: MOST IMPORTANTLY - a support system to keep you feeling gorgeously glowing and soulfully spirited.  A friend to help keep you accountable for all those self promises from the past and ensure your goals stay firmly at the forefront of your mind



Known for my relatable, no-fluff, lighthearted approach I blend a unique mix of science backed research, practical advice, intuitive guidance and love to create deep, lasting change from the inside out.


Whether you’re just beginning your journey with health and wellness and need some guidance, or you’re a green-juicing-chakra-cleansing-sun-saluting health veteran but still something feels off, I’m here to give you a push in the right direction and remove the blocks that are holding you back.


I will empower you to take control of your health + happiness so you never have to worry about falling back into old habits, and support you to implement and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes.





With 3 programs available, I will help you choose which is right for you, so you can choose happiness.




:: One FREE 30 minute chat to discuss the further details of the program so you can get an idea of the vibe of coaching and make an informed decision.  There is no obligation to commit to the program after this session if it doesn't feel right! 

:: Six 1:1 coaching sessions spaced as you wish.  Each session will run for 50 minutes via Skype or over the phone.

:: One month of extra email support once our sessions have ended to keep you on the right track. 

:: A personalised program to suit your desires and goals for our time together.  All handouts and worksheets are included.








:: If you're looking for some long term guidance to make real and sustainable changes then we start with a 30 minute FREE chat before you commit to anything.  This is so you can get a feeling for what coaching with me feels like plus I can start to draw up a program that will suit what you need. 

:: Twelve 1:1 coaching sessions spaced out as you wish.  Each session will run for 50 minutes via Skype.

:: Business hours e-mail support for the duration of your program + check in emails for one month after finishing up with our sessions.  

:: All the necessary resources to help you through your journey - recipes, books, work sheets and handouts.

:: A free copy of my recipe e-book Treat Your Tastebuds and complementary access to any online programs running during your time with me.  





:: One 90 minute session for anyone who wants the benefits of my coaching without committing to a 3 or 6 Month Program.  Or if you just want to reboot your life and soul and need to pick my brain a little to get you started!

:: Ask me anything.  If you're looking to simply start eating for nourishment, thinking about starting a little family of your own or wanting to get your own online business up and running and want some support and tips to get you started, this is your program.  You'll leave the 90 minute session with a personalised plan and the motivation to get started with your dreams. 


health coach




"My coaching sessions with Ange opened up a whole new side of myself that I never really believed in was in me.

She is passionate, caring and very intelligent woman who truly cares and connects with her clients holistically, consciously and spiritually. She has a unique way of guiding your through your own path of finding your inner strength and listening to that little voice we have in our heads that we all to often close off to."





"Ange had an incredible way of bringing me back to me, focusing on things important to me and making myself a priority. It was important to have someone to be accountable to but also to feel comfortable enough to express my true feelings and discuss them openly. Not only did I meet all my goals in our 3 month program, I have learned life long skills and know myself a little better to deal with certain obstacles. 

I cannot recommend Ange enough.  Forever grateful to have met her."





"I would not have been able to accomplish what I did without the support of Ange.

What started as a plan to shift my diet from mindless binging to nourishing my body with healthy food, turned into a path of self-discovery and a new level of confidence I didn't know was possible.  In talking with Ange, I was able to build the confidence to do things that once seemed incredibly terrifying and impossible to me at one point.  Ange helped me find the courage to eliminate toxic relationships that didn't serve me from my life, she helped me learn how to enjoy and take valuable lessons from a job that wasn't fulfilling me and helped me overcome my fear of launching my own business.  All while being my biggest cheerleader.

I would have felt lost without this support."





"Ange is the most genuine and inspiring person I have ever had the privilege of speaking to.  

She truely has helped guide me to become a better me.  And I'm happy within myself again!"





"Ange has inspired me and helped me grow into the woman I am today.  She is kind, nurturing, caring, supportive and the best thing about coaching with her was that she never judged.  She just supported and gave the guidance that I needed.  

She is the most beautiful soul to work with and I will be forever grateful!"





What if I don't know how to use Skype?

That's ok!  Skype is 100% free and super simple to download and use.  You can also use the app on your phone if you won't have access to a computer at the time of our call.  Simply click here for instructions on using Skype.  Once downloaded, you can add me (angesimson) and I will call you at our session time.  If you're still a bit hesitant, email me and I'll assist you through it.  


if i do the free health goals session, do I have to commit to coaching?

Absolutely not.  If you decide you're not in need of my services right now, just tell me!  I'm fine with you taking extra time to make a decision or taking the steps we discuss on your own.  Just keep me in the loop so I know you're all good and if you ever feel the need to reach out again, you know where to find me!