This is an adaptation of a Buddhist quote that I absolutely love.  


I used to cling to stuff; people, objects, emotions, validations.  If I couldn’t have them or if they were taken away or left me, I would feel ultimately empty.  I would feel as though I had lost something that was mine.  


The truth was, my ego told me that if I didn’t have this things, if I didn’t acquire them and they weren’t in my ownership, I was not worthy.  


But I didn’t own any of it.  I am responsible for my energy and my energy only.  Every single thing I need spiritually, is right inside of me. 


When I was searching for love in partners, it was because I needed to love myself.


When I was searching for acceptance in friends, it was because I didn’t accept myself.  


When I was searching for happiness in a block of chocolate, it was because the hole were I needed to add joy was empty. 


You cannot lose what is spiritually inside of you.  Right now, you have everything you need.  Step into this year with that in the forefront of your mind.


I hope that 2017 brings you so much goodness and you achieve what it is you desire!