I’m sure you’ve gotten on the sugar free bandwagon during some point in your life.  Either refined sugar free, fructose free or banning every single sweet thing in the universe, including fruit.  And I’m assuming that if you got yourself to a point where your body was having a chance to recalibrate, you probably felt pretty dam good!  


Then you went to a birthday dinner or you had a really bad day at work and decided to treat yourself and suddenly, cravings were back hard and strong and it was nearly impossible to go back to the sugar free life.  


That’s ok, it literally happens to everyone.  I’m guilty and so is almost everyone I know.  


But there is a difference between wanting ONE bliss ball after dinner and scoffing a whole bag of Easter Eggs in one day.  A big difference.  


There are a few factors to address before thinking it’s all ‘willpower’ and you’re destined to fail at any form of healthy eating and living.  


:: You may have an over growth of yeast in your gut, which makes you want more sugar because that is what the yeast feeds on.  Something to address with your health professional if you’ve suffered from thrush or find you palms are regularly itching.  

:: Bad blood sugar levels because of stress or poor quality sleep.

:: You’re sad, angry, bored, lonely or tired and you’re not addressing those issues, just masking them with ‘rewards’.  

:: Or you could be simply acting from the habits that you’ve been raised with.  A treat after each meal or chocolate when you’re feeling low or want a reward.  


Any of these sound like you?  


When I coach women and support them to address the above issues, they walk away with the tools to pull themselves back if the dreaded dinner party dessert or work party pull them back under.


But I want to share with you the number one food you need to be eating more of in order to take it from double and triple servings to a single bite and feeling satisfied.




Now, I’m not talking about deep fried foods and baked treats.  Those trans fats do absolutely not good and cause chronic disease.  Your recommended daily intake of trans fats are 0%.


The good quality saturated fats, however, will curb your sugar desires and help to regulate your blood sugar so that those cravings don’t take complete control of your life. 


Try incorporating more of the below foods into your diet - 


:: Avocado

:: Organic coconut oil 

:: Grass fed butter

:: Extra virgin olive oil 

:: Ghee 

:: Omega 3 from wild caught fish, grass fed meats & some nuts and seeds


I’ll be showing you healthy ways to add more of these foods in next week, make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on this! 


Remember, fat is satiating and will fill you up.  Leave space for sweet foods in your life in a really healthy way.  Eat for JOY.  If you find yourself bingeing on cake after a hard day at work, I doubt it’s bringing you joy.  Save those tastebuds for the moments that will create a positive and happy association around sweet foods, something to be savoured occasionally.  Wasting that on a guilt laden midnight snack isn’t worth it!

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