When I was little it was my dream to touch a cloud. 


I imagined that it would feel like nothing else in this world, that the sensation of gently placing my hand onto something so beautiful would spread through my whole self. I wanted to climb mountains just to hopefully get to a high where I would be surrounded by them, I wished that airplanes would have windows I could open to reach out and let my hand slice through their fluffiness. 


I would even have dreams that I was on a ledge in the sky and completely surrounded by them. 


I can't even remember my age when I realised that clouds feel like nothing.  


Sometimes we romanticise what reaching the top will be like - incredible, fulfilling, euphoric - in any part of our lives. We think about how perfect it will feel and that becomes our drive to get to it. 


But getting there can feel empty. Occasionally, our dreams don't match reality. Sometimes we reach our dream and find it feels like nothing. 


So every day that I watch a fluffy white cloud drift past me, sometimes seeming like the ones I remember as a little girl, I remember that feelings aren't promised when we reach a goal. I remember to not look forward with too much eagerness to what life will feel like when I'm at the top of my game in any area of life. Because it might just feel like nothing. It might feel like it does right now. Instead, I focus on feeling everything I want to feel in life right now. With everything I have and everything I don't have. I focus on appreciating it all and letting where I am now feel incredible, fulfilling and euphoric. 


And I share this message because I don't want you to fight your whole life, sacrifice your current happiness, just to reach your cloud.


Use gratitude to create the feeling of touching the sky in your every day life.  


By focusing on what you already have, you encourage it to expand and develop.  Then one day, with little struggle, you’ll be exactly where you always dreamed and it will feel better than you ever could have imagined.