During our little family trip away this month, Hugh and I spent lots of time on personal development, more than usual!  

It seemed that each Podcast or audiobook we listened to was circling back to a theme that has been coming up lots for us since we attended a weekend workshop by MJB Seminars.  What Hugh and I realised is that so much of what we do and how we do things relates back to parenting, how we were raised by our parents and obviously this makes us want to be even more conscious while raising our girls. 

But there were THREE stand out Podcasts that blew us away and I wanted to share them with you!


Conscious Parenting with Dr Shefali Tsabary

While on the plane to Cairns, I was listening to Dr Shefali's audio book and as the girls had both fallen asleep, Hugh took one of my headphones and listened in with me.  I, incorrectly, assumed that this would be a little too 'woo woo' for him but after a few minutes I noticed he had closed his eyes and was nodding with all the points I found valid.  

Now, an audio book can be 9 or more hours to listen to.  And knowing my husband like I do, I needed to get this info into him hard and fast.  So once we were in the car, ready for our 2 hour drive to Mission Beach, I searched for Dr Shefali on the Podcast app and found that one of his fave authors, Lewis Howes, had recently interviewed her (it was like striking gold, seriously!)

I absolutely recommend listening to this if you're a parent or if you're thinking about children in the future.  Even if you're not, it can be a serious eye opener to how we've been programmed through our own upbringing!



Master Your Mind & Experience Heaven on Earth with Dr Bruce Lipton

I've recently been working my way through Dr Bruce Liptons book The Biology of Belief and when I saw that my gorgeous friend Mel had recently interviewed him I was THRILLED!  

Again, Hugh and I listened together and we were astounded at the message we were hearing again, the theme coming through once more.  If you're listening to these podcasts I'd love for you to tell me in the comments below if you're getting the same messages!  

Another amazing, thought changing interview.  I've just purchased his next book The Honeymoon Effect and I cannot wait to dive in!



Rainn Wilson : Why Are We Really Here?

My favourite part of this podcast was hearing Rainn's dinner party questions.  Imagine being out with friends and instead of gossiping about people and discussing the latest reality TV show you asked deep thought provoking questions like Oprah and Rainn list during the chat.  

What I loved about this was listening to someone who has had a really different upbringing to anyone I've met and especially from my own.  Really incredible and has made me want to look deeper into 'that funny guy from The Office'.

I would absolutely love to know two things below - 

1. What was your key take away from these Podcasts?

2. Your fave Podcast episodes lately!

Please comment below, share this post with your friends and family through social media using the Share button to spread love from me to the world! 

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