I’ve heard it all before.  


You want to get fit - you buy a gym membership.

You want to get healthy - you ask for a juicer for Christmas.

You want to be more social - you book in for some ‘friend dates’ for the next month. 


But why is it that you aren’t nailing your goals as each year passes by?


It’s not your willpower. 

You’re not ‘lazy’.

They aren’t too hard.  


It’s this one simple action you’re not doing when you decide to change something, grow something or achieve something.




Buying that gym membership/juicer/self help book is step one.  But the problem is that is usually the only step that people take.  They read a few chapters and life gets in the way.  And unfortunately, putting your credit card over the table doesn’t transform you.  But there’s good news…


You can transform you. 


Through my years coaching women to get out of a life that looks good on paper but feels totally unfulfilled, I’ve noticed one commonality between them.  They all actually know what it is they need in their life to feel completely happy and healthy, they just don’t always have the tools to implement it and when given the tools, they don’t have the accountability or momentum to keep going with their self development.  


My coaching work has given hundreds of women the push, motivation and accountability that they need to nail their goals and come out happier and healthier.



BUT… I’m off to baby land over the months of January and February.  I can’t help hold you accountable over that time if you’re wanting some 1:1 coaching, but I want to teach you here and now how you can.  


Schedule in a Health & Happiness Power Hour with yourself.

This is time you set aside weekly or biweekly to work on YOU.  Get a beautiful journal, light some candles, make a cup of herbal tea and one or two bliss balls.  Spend 30-60 minutes thinking and writing about the core areas of your life and if any of them need improvement.  The top three are Relationships, Career & Health.  But also think about your Social Life, Home Environment, Physical Health, Finances and most importantly - JOY.    How are these areas of your life feeling right now?  



Implement tasks to uplift the areas that aren’t serving you right now.

I highly encourage using your virtual calendar (if you’re on a Mac, iCal is awesome and syncs to your devices AND you can colour code different themes) and if you can see that you’re loosing some fitness or not feeling energetic and vibrant when you wake up, schedule in time to do exercise that feels good and you look forward to.  If your Social Life is lacking, make your workout time a social event and go for a walk or workout with a friend.  Maybe you need more love in the relationships department?  Schedule in a date with your soul mate.  Spirituality lacking?  Schedule in time to practice meditation.  


The important part is your schedule it in.  I treat all my self love tasks in my calendar like an important appointment that I’ve booked and paid for, not like something that is negotiable based on my mood.  I set reminders for 15 minutes before and I have my calendar on my desk so I can always refer to what my day has ahead.  



Be consistent with your weekly Power Hour.

Do it weekly or biweekly.  The reason people don’t nail their goals isn’t because they don’t have the ability to, it’s because they need the accountability and motivation to keep it all going.  You can’t rely on someone else to be responsible for you doing what you want to do with your one precious life, in some cases, you have to coach yourself and be your own motivation.  

I've attached a worksheet below to keep you accountable with your goals.  This can be something you use each week during your power hour to make sure you're sticking with you're goals and staying clear on what you want out of them and your life! 



I know you’ll agree that 2016 could’ve been better, don’t get to this time next year and wish you had committed to becoming the person you wanted to be.  This is your time to get seriously serious about being your best you!


Don’t know where to start?  Learn more about a single Health & Happiness Session with me where we can help you set your goals, put a plan and schedule in place so that you don’t fall behind, forget or lose sight of what it is you really want.  I'm only offering these sessions for the month of December, so if you're keen, get onto it before the year runs out!