Integrative Nutrition

Anyone who has known me for a long time will know that being ‘healthy’ is not something I grew up knowing much about.

Yes, Cocopops for breakfast and skipping dinner for a bowl of ice cream with half a bottle of Ice Magic on top wasn’t weird to me.  It seemed normal.  I would count my calories and just skip a meal when I would go over my daily 1200 quota. 

I’m actually shocked at how long I went on with this considering it didn’t work.  I was still fat (in my own eyes, in reality I was in a normal weight range), I had acne constantly on my face which I would cover with mounds of make up and I was in pain weekly with migraines that would knock me out for at least a full day, if not longer. 


I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t ignorant.  I was just never educated on what it meant to be nourished.


My parents would try but their divorce in my early teens meant I would often just eat what was around, Dad couldn’t cook more than a steak and fried egg and mum always provided amazing meals but I would snack on junk as much as humanly possible. 


And that’s the thing most of us are missing… Being educated on the simple things about food. 


Because the media throws it all in our faces.  One minute chocolate is healthy and the next we need to run from all forms of sugar, including apples, for fear of our pancreas inflaming and ULTIMATE DEATH.  It’s dramatic (because they need people to view it) and it’s often slightly true.  Slightly. 


So when I realised that nourishment was what would keep me healthy, vibrant, sexy and flourishing in life… I decided I needed to get educated.


And I did.

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


Surprisingly, not to become a Health Coach or even a blogger.  Simply because I wanted to be educated on how to nourish, flourish and share that with my family for their benefit.

The result?  Yes I created a pretty awesome business that allowed my husband to come home from crazy corporate life and work with me.  But on a non-career related topic, the results have been HUGE. 

My children are raised on foods that are the building blocks to everything they need in this special time in their growth (unless Nanny is around, then it’s mostly ice cream), my husband mediates and no longer eats pastries for breakfast and actually said to me this morning “lets go plant based this week, just for fun!”

But I thank that one decision to enrol at IIN every single day, when I reach for the spinach to put in my smoothie, or when I cook a meal full of coloured foods from the earth and see my family smile in delight, or when I get out of bed and I’m energised despite having 4 hours of broken sleep (#babylife). 

I thank the decision to educate myself.


The banging career is definitely a bonus, but my health and my families health is the biggest part of my gratitude. 


So if you’ve been wanting to follow the path and start working in an industry you love OR you just want to give you babies the best start… Think about what IIN could do for you, what it could change. 



Because at the end of the day, having a look won’t hurt.  What if it was the moment that changes your future? 

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