Being a new mum is incredibly rewarding.  It’s also really difficult at times, especially when it’s your second and you’re back into work after 3 weeks!


But the one thing that I’ve consistently drilled into your head is how important self love and care is.  And this time in my life has shown me just HOW important it is when you’re giving so much to others.  


I know one thing for sure, I would not have been able to cope through this full time in my life if I didn’t put my wellness at the very top of my priorities.  If I didn’t take care of me I would’ve suffered even more through my bout of mastitis, I would’ve broken down during the ultrasound of the very suspicious lump we found in my breast, I would’ve given up on launching The Gratitude Transformation to you when Harper was only 3 weeks old and the flu I just had would’ve lasted two weeks instead of two days.  If any of these things had of happened, I would’ve been in any state to feed and nurture my newborn, love on my toddler and give my husband the time we deserve as a couple.  


I got through all these things because I look after myself and love myself everyday.  


So being presented with an opportunity which has been a dream of mine for years a few weeks ago, I let go of fear and said yes.


Next month I will be starting my Yoga Teacher Training with Zen Soul Life.  A commitment I don’t take lightly and also, time away from my baby that I also realise the impact of.  


When I was first asked if I wanted to do this, my initial reaction was a big, loud, fear induced ‘HELL, NO!’


The course requires my time and presence a few Saturdays of the month until late August.  How on earth would my baby live without me?  


I told my husband, Hugh.  And he, knowing how badly I’ve wanted to do this for so long, especially to be able to train with someone I've admired and looked up to for so long, asked me why on earth I wasn’t considering it. 


“Harper can’t live without me, she needs my milk and I’m her mother.”


But he made a point, he made me see something that I’m constantly gloating to people about.  He reminded me that he is her father, just as much a part of her as I am and just as capable of taking care of her for a few hours a few times a month (with the help of a breast pump, of course).  


Two things I believe with my heart - 


:: Self care is crucial to be the best version of yourself possible.

:: Hugh is just as much a parent to our girls as I am.


Knowing this, how could I possibly say no.  Participating in something that has been in my heart for years is the ultimate form of self love.  Doing something I want to do, that will build up my knowledge in an area I’m passionate about and ultimately help me grow as a person and as a coach.  It’s a total no-brainer.  


Despite my initial fear, taking time, speaking to someone I respect and love about it and connecting back to my truths (which I forgot briefly!) has now put me in a place of hell, YES!  


I’m so excited, not just for the months ahead of self development, connection, intention and building my strength.  Not just physical strength but my mental strength also.  

angela simson


P.S. If you want to join me on this journey, I know there are still 3 spaces left to do this training at Zen Soul Life with me!  And before you say no, figure out where this no is coming from… Fear or love?