health coach

This is definitely something I have asked myself a lot lately.


So many of you have been asking if something along the lines of a podcast was going to be coming out through The Gratitude Project this year and I can safely answer… No!


Why? You may ask.


There are several reasons right now, several reasons why this doesn’t feel aligned currently. I know that strategically it’s the smart thing to do for my business, but right now it’s just not something that I have space for both in time and in mental capacity.


As many of you would know, I gave birth last year and I have spent the last 12 months working and raising a tiny human. This has definitely been a new challenge in itself, but oh so rewarding!


I've struggled with giving myself fully to my family, The Gratitude Project blog (hello, it's been a month since my last post!) and my new project The Gratitude Gang.  It's been a huge lesson in my limits, listening to my intuition and knowing when to pause and rest - not quit! 


Some things I've found to be true : 

:: I do better with routine and structure 

:: My thoughts really do create my reality

:: Having it all, all at once, is rare


So while there have been some things that have hurt me to say goodbye to, it's given me so much more space for having FUN in my business. 


Which brings me back to the podcast thing...


I find speaking and interviewing people really FUN!  But the back end of a podcast seems to be something that could take the fun away from me with it.  


So I've come up with a better solution for me to share in a new way.  


In The Gratitude Transformation (my epic online program for women who want to find the joy in the life they're living right now) we have an online Facebook group where the girls connect and inspire each other.  I pop in and do my thing every now and then but recently I realised that the feminine connection is something that is really lighting me up right now!

So I committed to the girls that we would be doing monthly (sometimes more) group calls based on the topics of their choosing!  Laser coaching for the soul, you might say.  


And during these sessions, I'm going to be inviting in some incredible women to share and give extra goodness and wisdom to the group.  




Some of these women you may already know, some will be completely new to this world.  But the commonality will be the stories.  The proof that we have control over consciously creating the lives we want to live and straightforward, implementable tips to help you do that. 

So that means, live interviews where you can ask these amazing people ANYTHING you want.




I'm so excited to be welcoming in a new wave of Gratitude Seekers to join this experience with me.  You can read all about The Gratitude Transformation right here and once you've made the decision to start living in alignment with your beliefs (you wouldn't be here if that wasn't a goal, right?) I will add you into our special group and you can experience not only the program for yourself, but come along for the ride of hearing inspirational people tell real stories from the heart. 


I cannot wait to announce our first LIVE interview this month!