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Autumn has hit in Australia and I’m all about seasonal everything right now.  It’s my obsession.  

From getting way too into Hygge (I’m going to do a live about this soon… watch this space), to not just eating seasonally but exercising and even adjusting my self care ritual to suit the fresh season.  I’m even getting more and more excited about the spiritual meaning of Autumn.    

Like I said, obsession.  

And because I love you, I want to share what I’m loving, learning and living.  

But let's start with my revitalised beauty cabinet?  


First up, the face!  

When the weather changes, my skin reacts!  I can get redness on my chin, dry skin around my nose and the seasonal adjustments can sometimes result in a flare up of dermatitis that I used to get as a teen and sometimes even blemishes!  

I’ve said this before, exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!  I used to think that scrubbing would make my skin more dry but it actually does the opposite.  

I’ve been using this Eco by Sonya Driver Skin Compost Exfoliant and I’m loving it!  My skin feels so soft after using it! 

And of course you can’t forget the body.  I love to dry body brush in the mornings but I know that as it gets colder, I get lazier and want to jump straight into a warm shower.  So I’ve got this Divine Company Exfoliating Body Scrub sitting in my shower, ready to rock!

And I’m from the Gold Coast so it’s clear and obvious that I love a tan.  And I also love keeping my skin young so it’s mostly a fake bake.  My fave one, right here!

And to keep that freshly scrubbed skin feeling nice and hydrated, I’m 100% sure you will fall in love with this moisturiser like I did.  There are only 5 or 6 ingredients and it’s so luscious!  Plus, all the celebrities use it so it must work, right?

Then in order to keep moving towards naturally ageless (while ageing gracefully at the same time, such a juggle!) we know we need to keep our insides doing the things, right?  I drink this Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Boost daily.  It’s yummy and it’s collagen boosting, you can’t lose! 


And look, this isn’t really a beauty must have, but it’s a wellbeing must have and while I’m at it - TONGUE SCRAPING!  If you’re not doing it, you must start.  Not only does it give your mouth a whole new level of clean but I believe it also removes small particles of food from the pores of your tongue, so your no longer having your body ‘taste’ these foods and cravings can decrease dramatically. Just try it for 30 days!

Another beauty must have is one I was gifted in an event goodie bag. This is my sole saviour.  Literally, if cracked heels aren’t something you’re digging, lather this stuffon, cover in socks and wake up in the morning with the most divine, baby smooth soles.  I’m sure it’s got other uses but it’s usually seen on the base of my big feet!

And I’m going to finish off by spilling the secret.  Sometimes I get asked how I get my hair the way I do… This is exactly what I use and I promise that if you want it, I’ll do a mini tutorial on how I use it.  So go ahead and get yourself one and in a few weeks, we’ll get you some beach waves for days.  Sound good?  

Also - this brush is amazing! 


I hope this is a helpful step towards your Autumn beauty rituals.  I would LOVE to know what you use and love that keeps you feeling nurtured when the temperature drops?  Tell me in the comments below!

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Two weeks ago I was speaking to my Intentional Living Group Coaching girls about how to remove toxins from your home and why it's so important. 

So many beauty products, household cleaning products and food storage containers hold chemicals that our body doesn't respond well to and it's really important that as much as possible we're using products that don't contain things like SLS, parabens, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrances because this can be absorbed by our skin and effect our liver and mess with our hormones!

The girls were asking what I use and I mentioned a few MooGoo items that I've used for years. After a good 15 minute discussion on just this brand I wanted to share with ALL of you why I love these product and what I personally use and what my family loves. 

Backtrack to 2013 when I was pregnant with Bo, I found MooGoo because I was suffering from dermatitis on my hands a little and needed to find a body wash that wouldn't irritate and would hopefully help to heal!

I stumbled onto their website and ended up ordering a whole bunch of bits for when baby Bo was due to arrive.  Knowing that I didn't want to start my little girls life by washing her with nasty fragranced soaps, my first purchase was Milk Wash, which I used for myself and for her. Eventually I switched this up for Mini Moo Bubbly Wash because what child doesn't like a bubble bath! 

The reason I love MooGoo Wash is because it's free of SLS (sodium laureth sulphate) which is a very irritating detergent that can dry your skin and is found in most cleansing products.  SLS is what would irritate my dermatitis and dry out my hands even more.  

Speaking of my dermatitis, during this time of my first pregnancy and being super careful about what I put in my body and ON my body, I needed to find something to give my hands relief so I tried their Eczema & Psoriasis Cream and I can say, hand on heart, since using that I have not had a single reoccurrence of this skin irritation (you can see why I'm such a raving fan, right?) and my cracked skin over my knuckles and fingers is a distant memory!

Over the past 4 years of being a MooGoo customer, my love has only grown.  This Australian owned company  not only creates amazing Australian made products, but they care about their impact on the environment, making sure they keep nasty ingredients out of their range and are fully transparent on what they do put in and they still keep everything affordable so that everyone can have healthy products to use for their family.  

Products I love and use regularly 

For me

:: Milk Wash 

:: Skin Milk Udder Cream 

:: Natural Sunscreen 

:: Organic Rosehip Oil

For the girls

:: Mini Moo Bubbly Wash

:: Milk Shampoo 

:: Cream Conditioner 

:: Nappy Balm (when necessary) 


So my advice to you?  Read packaging, when you run out of something you already own that isn't made from skin loving ingredients, replace it with something that is and BE EDUCATED. You're 100% in charge of your body and what goes on and in it.



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