summer skin savers

Using coffee and charcoal in your beauty regime is definitely a trend that isn't going away anytime fast.  


And for good reason - the stuff works!  


I've been using both in different ways over the last year.  Firstly starting with charcoal to whiten my teeth (yes, scrubbing a black powder all over somehow brings out the bright white) and mixing it with some other natural ingredients to make a face mask.  

Plus my husband makes his own Bulletproof coffee each morning so I use his left over grinds to try to make my own bits for the bathroom, which unfortunately ends up in a messy way and sometimes staining my towels.  Not cool! 


But I'm also someone who loves accessible and affordable products.  Because being clean shouldn't break the bank.  


I've been using Organic Care's new Coffee Bean Exfoliating Scrub and Charcoal Detox body wash for a little over 6 weeks now and I want to tell you WHY - 


Firstly, I love that this product is free from harsh chemicals and petrochemical cleansers.  I want to know exactly what I'm putting on my body.  Organic Care as a company has a passion for sourcing the most natural, plant derived products possible and even their packaging is encouraging Australians to be more environmentally aware.  


Secondly, because I know that this time of year can leave my skin dry and damaged from the sun.  So apart from a great SPF, I need to exfoliate and detox the dead skin cells to keep my skin soft and dewy.  Having such an incredible product that is so easy to buy makes all of this much easier for me.  


And Bo loves that she gets clean using a black body wash, it's quite the novelty! 


If you're not already, I challenge you to head down to your local Coles supermarket and try this out over the next 6 weeks like I have and tell me about the difference you notice in your skin! 


Happy summer, gorgeous!

summer skin savers