health coach

And I feel you.


Most of the time, I feel like I’m on fire.  Like I could write for days, like I could create, coach, mum like a boss, be a loving wifey, good friend and daughter and the house looks schmick. 


Most of the time.  


But not all the time. 


Sometimes I want to sleep.  Eat all the food.  Be on the couch and not move.  Leave the dishes unwashed.  Just be lazy.


I used to really get down on myself for this.  The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I literally feel a little bit like I just can’t be bothered right now.  And I used to hide that from my readers.  I used to be afraid that if I showed my human side you might run for the hills because, no, I’m no where near perfect.  And maybe that’s disappointing to you.  But maybe it’s inspiring.


So I suppose I’m writing this to coach myself in a way.  Because I know that writing is a way to work out my thoughts and issues.  Do it, I promise it works.


And there is no deep moment coming, I’m just feeling this way because of life.  I could literally blame a million things.  Over worked, the moon, a baby that doesn’t sleep, my chakras not being balanced, post natal depletion, a black cat passing me on the street or even my phone being out of charge.  I could blame whatever.  But I don’t anymore.  


I’m just taking it.  




Because I think when we blame it on something outside of us, like other people or the universe, we relinquish responsibility.  We decide it wasn’t us and we lose our own power to step up and make change.  


And I know that I want to keep my power.  I know that I can get myself out of this state, I know the things I need to do.  I’m going to procrastinate for a little longer and then I’ll do it, because that’s just me today.  But I know that I need to get outside, I know that I need to shift my energy by either moving or even just jumping in a cold shower, I know that I need to write a little about how I’m feeling, I know that I need to take my supplements and drink a cold pressed juice, I know that a podcast will help and I know that getting out of my yoga pants and into something that makes me feel good will help.  


But first… And most importantly...


I need to decide.  


And I will, in a minute.  Sometimes we just like to sit in that funky energy and indulge in feeling a bit moochy.  


I also want to share something with you, because I am aware that we all have these days.  


It’s not how often the moods come up, it’s how quickly you jump into a better one.  


Six years ago, if I felt like this, I would’ve sat in it for days, sometimes weeks!  Then slowly the time started to decrease.  And now, I can snap myself out of it in a matter of moments if I want to.  But I have to want to.  So do you.  


Next time you feel a little like I am right now, DECIDE.  That’s the first thing you need to do.  Just decide.  You know the rest of the steps.  

health coach