hay house

Two years ago my incredible friend Yvette gave me a gift that I will never in my life forget.  


She invited me to the Hay House Writers Workshop in Brisbane.  


Now, I was only 18 months into my business and blog, had no intention of writing a book but went because I simply didn't know what the future would hold for me and maybe, just maybe, there was a book hidden in me somewhere.  

The day was amazing.  I was a few months out of my stint in hospital for my heart and feeling slightly blocked in some ways.  I met some beautiful people from this industry who still inspire me to this day but the most magical gift I got was to see Wayne Dyer in his final talk before his death.  


He was mesmerising.  I had read his books, listened to him speak on YouTube but now I was in the same space, soaking up his energy.  He sat on the stage with a bottled green juice by his side.  No one would've predicted his passing only a few days later, he was radiant in every way, lighting up while he spoke and sharing wisdom with us that would stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.  

His talk, his words and his energy sparked something inside of me that hasn't left.  By the end of the day, listening to experts, people from Hay House who had been through the process of creating and birthing their words into the hands of the public, I had a little voice in my head saying...

"You could write a book..."


And over the last two years, that voice has become louder.  Being pushed aside by my fears. By the words that circulate but I know have no place in my head or heart.  You see, I never finished school, I never received high marks for English, I probably have 84 spelling errors sprinkled throughout my site.  How could I write a book.  


But people ask and whenever they do it reignites that spark of... could I? 


And so this year, I'm going to partake in the online Writers Workshop.  Because travelling to Sydney with a 6 month old attached to my chest wouldn't allow me to give the workshop the attention I need to and want to, I'll be taking it from the comfort of my home, my desk, my bed or my new little outdoor workspace I created today.  


Because what I've learnt through Hay House is that the people who are published by them have a story to tell and a message to spread.  And why can't I?  

And the question you need to ask yourself is... Could you?

Hay House Writers Workshop


If you want to experience the magic that is a Hay House Writers Workshop, make it happen.  This is a once a year opportunity and it could be the first step towards your book getting out into the world, where it belongs.