Are you experiencing any of these?









It’s quite likely that you’re in need of the white stuff to get you feeling better… Wait.  No!  Not that!  You guys know that sugar is bad for you!  

I’m talking about magnesium.  


I’ve had quite a long history with magnesium deficiency.  

I can tell you that it’s been responsible for some of my migraines, my restless legs when I was pregnant and a small stint with anxiety not so long ago.  My naturopath had me on an Advanced Magnesium Blend which I was supposed to drink every night but often I would forget or brush my teeth too early and it would be forgotten.  

I still take it when I remember but I knew I needed to find more simple and enjoyable ways to get my levels up. 

And I really did need to get my levels up as magnesium is a mineral that is needed by the body in large amounts.  Plus, most people (almost everyone) is deficient in it.  

(Are you suddenly thinking up all the things that Magnesium is going to save in your life?  Time to get excited!) 


So I wanted to share a product that I’ve been using and loving so that you can experience all the magical superpowers that this often overlooked mineral can provide you with.


Firstly I’ve been using Salt Lab Magnesium Oil Spray to help with nighttime leg cramps and muscle fatigue from Pilates.  Each night I have been applying directly to my legs and sore muscles as well as my spray some on my belly and lay back while it dries during my meditation.  I drift off at some point and only awaken if a tiny human is crying out for me! 

And I’ve also been using their Bath Salts to help my body to detox.  I do this on the nights when my muscles are sore from whatever exercise I did the day before!  I soak for 20 minutes and let the salts and clay do their best while I inhale the aroma of Sandalwood and listen to my favourite podcast!


The two main things I’ve noticed are - 

:: I’m recovering faster from workouts, at first I thought I was getting stronger until I had a week off my salts!

:: I actually am finding that I’m able to have 20-minute power naps in the day without waking up feeling groggy.  I totally need these as a mother of a non-sleeping 1 year old! 

The reason I’ve been using Salt Lab magnesium is that it is the highest grade magnesium oil on the market with zero heavy metal contamination (super important) and also because the bottle is super cute!