I had never heard of Postnatal Depletion, in fact, I didn’t know it was a real thing until I decided I had it and decided to search Google for answers.  

I had been told after having my first, Bo, that it took the body up to 4 years to replenish and heal from the work of pregnancy and giving birth.  Which is exactly why I waited that long between my two girls!  But I didn’t realise that PD could last a decade if not addressed.  

This isn’t only because being a mum sees most of us eating our children leftovers, lacking sleep and stressing over the safety of our little loves, but also because our body takes a significant nutritional beating when we’re pregnant.  We give lots to our unborn babies and rarely do we consciously replenish what we need.  


So what does Post Natal Depletion look like?  It will be different for every mother but for me - 

:: overtired, often wired

:: unstable appetite, sometimes starving, sometimes forgetting whole meals

:: mood swings

:: poor memory

:: baby brain

:: zero sex drive (poor Hugh!) 


And I was really interested to learn that a mother's brain actually shrinks up to 5% when pregnant as we support the growth of our babies.  So baby brain is actually a thing - our brains got smaller! 

The second time around with our beautiful girl Harper, I was aware that I wasn’t bouncing back as fast as I did with Bo.  I was only 6 weeks into being a mother of two, but I knew I didn’t feel right.  

All the above symptoms were making life pretty difficult, as you can imagine!  Plus I did something very 2017 and went right back to working on my online business.  


I really struggled with all of this.  From the outside of myself, I could see what I needed.  I knew that going back to work wasn’t serving me, I needed to recover from giving birth and the last 9 months of a pretty taxing pregnancy.  I knew that I needed to eat REALLY good quality food, not grab a bliss ball and say that would be fine for lunch because I was ‘busy’.  I needed more sleep (that wasn’t going to happen though!) 


I felt like I needed to be everything to everyone.  My business, my girls and my husband.  My friends.  But I felt like I was failing at it all.  And that was really hard.  I knew what I needed to do but the pull of wanting to show up for everyone else kept me from taking care of me.  

Thank goodness I had a husband who could see that I was suffering. I know not everyone has that kind of support and encouragement so I hope that this message will be one that helps you to do what you need to do for you.  I want to support you.  

He told me he could see me falling apart.  I see it in so many other mothers and it breaks my heart.  


So instead of writing a list of things in this blog, then letting you read and maybe forget most of it, I’m going to host a webinar just for you. I’m going to tell you exactly the things I did to get me out of, and stay out of, postnatal depletion.  


I have 200 spaces for this online event.  You can watch in your undies while breastfeeding or be walking with your kids at the park.  You can organise a sitter so you can be totally present or you can plug in your earphones and lay next to your sleeping bub while taking in all you can from this.  


This is 100% free.  


There is zero charge for this, just your time.  I don’t want you to suffer, I don’t want women to feel ok with constantly giving and forgetting to replenish themselves on the three levels that I find most important - physical, mental and emotional.  

I’m going to share with you what I did.  From the foods I increased to the ones I removed.  The way I exercised (I had some trial and error here) and the thought patterns that I needed to change and how I did that.  

I’m not an expert on PD.  But I’m someone who has been through it and came out the other side, energised!  

I want to help you have the same story to tell about your life as a happy, healthy, thriving mama!  


Join me on Tuesday 27 March at 10:00AM AEST (FYI, that's 11:00AM in Sydney and 1:00PM n New Zealand!)