What is beauty to you?  


Glowing eyes and youthful skin.  Long lean limbs and thick shiny hair.  Straight white teeth and long strong nails.  


There are definitely ways you can achieve the above.  Gut healing foods and the right fats.  Good exercise and the right hair mask.  Some charcoal on your toothbrush and a thriving diet.  These are all great, but there is one thing that you can do and I promise it will make you shine and people will notice.  


I believe that the most effective and sustainable changes in how attractive you feel come completely from within.  Inside of you is the elixir of beauty and it’s called confidence.  



You were made perfect.  Despite having one leg shorter than the other or the hundreds of freckles you don’t love, you are perfect in the way only you can be.  But sometimes that’s hard to see.  The mirror doesn’t reflect back what you desire and other than radical change, you can’t see how you could feel good in the skin you’re in.  


But there are ways.  

Smile and laugh

There is nothing more gorgeous than a woman who is secure enough to let out her biggest belly laugh when something hits the right spot.  Plus seeing a woman of any shape, size, skin colour or otherwise walking down the street with a smile on her face makes me smile right back.


Affirm yourself daily

At first you may not believe the wonderful things you say about yourself.  But by telling yourself, to your face in front of the mirror, that you’re perfect as you are every single day will eventually rub off.  It’s much nicer than the awful things we can say to ourselves through the day. 


Take care of your vessel

Eat well and move often, if you treat your body like rubbish, you can expect it to feel that way and the exact opposite is true also.  


Pamper yourself.  

Wear your favourite dress as much as you want, spend time giving your body an almond oil massage straight out of the shower, run a bath after a long day.  Spend some extra time each day loving on your perfect self. 



Imperfections and all, embrace them as your perfectly imperfect you and wear them proudly.  You can’t change certain things like your height or face shape so simply own it.  You’re not getting given another body anytime soon so love what you’ve got a work with it.  


The prettiest girls are girls who smile.  Make sure everyone can feel the strength of your love for yourself.   

Let me know below your best natural beauty tips!