Yup, definitely should've thought that caption through a little more.  Will be interesting what that attracts through the internet! 


But seriously, I wanted to pop in today and talk to you about fast ways to make sure you're setting your day up for success when you have limited time in the morning. 


Whatever reason that may be, kids, an early start to work or a full day working with clients, if you're starting your day in a rush and frenzy, it's incredibly difficult to get out of that headspace moving forward.  


So I want to give you my top three tips for getting nourished in a flash before your day starts.  And by nourished I mean mental, physical and spiritual!


tip #1 : start calm

And I know if you have small humans jumping on you at 5am, this isn't so simple.  But despite having two tiny early risers, I make it a priority to start my day as zen as I wish it to continue.  How do I do this?  You may have seen my latest video on Facebook of what my morning Yoga routine really looks like.  If not, let me tell you this - I do what I can.  

If the kids are up, I take us all to the balcony and I allow Harper to crawl over me while I meditate and Bo either colours or watches me.  Sometimes she does her routine (note to mums - Kira Wiley on Spotify is AMAZING for kids yoga) and sometimes she just lays on the ground and falls back asleep.  Either way, I'm on the mat, I'm prioritising my morning ritual and the kids are happy to play around it.  


tip #2 : visualise your ideal day

The power of visualisation is mind blowing to me!  More and more studies are coming out showing the effect it can have on your mind.  From releasing the same happy hormones as if you were actually experiencing what you're seeing in your minds eye to increasing the chances of things playing out favourably to your desires.  

So my second step to a zen morning is to do a quick visualisation of the day ahead.  I personally go to my virtual calendar so I can see what I've got on and then I do a 2-3 minute run through of how I would love my day to pan out.  From where I'll take my client calls to how I'll practice some self love when I have gaps (mostly that's cuddling my girls during breaks!) and even what I plan on eating.  This helps me to know what's ahead and what I would love to see accomplished in my day!


tip #3 : get nourished! 

This is usually the last (but most important) step in my morning routine.  I need to fill my body with nutrients that will NOURISH me! 

I love a good smoothie.  I put lots of different whole foods, powders and my supplements into my Nutribullet and BLITZ.  Lately I've been absolutely loving my Hummingbird Blendies because I can throw one into my smoothie and know I'm getting all I need to start my morning right.  The fact that they're handmade in Australia is another HUGE bonus for me.  Hummingbird have nailed breakfast on the go in a way that is both simple and impactful and I won't be cutting these out of my morning anytime soon!  


That's it, my three simple steps to a quick but smart morning routine when you're in a rush.  Stretch your body, visualise your best day and nourish your body with Blendies so that you have the best chance of an incredible day! 


Tell me in the comments below - what is your best tip for a speedy morning boost?

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