I never had an epiphany of waking up one day and realising that I wanted my life to be simple, healthy and fulfilled.  I would take two steps forward and one or two back again.  My simplification of life and health happened over time and through small steps to improve and declutter anything that wasn’t serving me or my wellbeing. 


But, one thing that helped me immensely was my yearly Intention Setting, which I do every few months and have outlined and created a structured workbook for you which can be downloaded right here.  



So, if you’re in that space of ‘Who the hell am I?’ and can’t quite afford a trip backpacking around the world in order to find yourself (does anyone actually find themselves in a dirty hostel?), then there is a much more simple way to do it.  


All you need is a pen and some paper, get writing girlfriend.  



What do I love & value?  What do I dislike and want less of?


I wrote a list like this around 4 years ago.  It seems really long ago now but I remember the feeling, looking at this list and realising that the things in my first half of the page, loves and values, weren’t things I was putting time and energy into.  On the other hand, I was still doing things I didn’t want to do and spending my time in ways I wished I didn’t have to.  


My lists didn’t align.  I knew in that moment that in order to be truly happy, I needed to put my attention into what I love and value.  




Where is there clutter in my life?


Both physically and mentally, clutter doesn’t serve.  I prompt myself with this question regularly and I’m constantly going through cupboards, our clothes and pantry to get rid of, donate, sell or give to friends what I don’t need.  


It is so rejuvenating to be in our home and knowing exactly where everything is, not worrying about something being lost in ‘that cupboard’ where junk is usually thrown.  Organisation in the home gives me clarity in my mind.  The type of clarity I need to see if there is any mental clutter that needs to be addressed.  


Mental clutter is things like negative thoughts, people that lower my energy and judgement towards others.  Journalling about things like this can bring such clarity into where your attention is and where it needs to go.  Imagine if you cut out bitchy thoughts of resentment and spent that time in your mind on self development and expanding your knowledge?  You could probably get all those things on your life to do life done MUCH faster. 




What bothers me in other people?  


This is a really confronting question to me.  I have to check in often and talk to Hugh about this because I tend to get aggravated with people when they do things that I don’t realise I also do.  Just the other day I noticed that I get annoyed when people don’t do easy research and ask silly questions like “What’s the address of the cafe we’re going to?”  My mind screams, ask Google, that’s what I’ll do and just copy the answer to you!  But I know it’s in my nature to be slightly lazy with the little details like that also.  So exactly what rubs me the wrong way is something I do myself quite often.  


Usually what bothers us about others, is what bothers us about ourselves.  




What do I love in other people?  


Again, this is a big neon sign pointing to what you love and want to expand in yourself!  We are drawn to people with traits we admire and all of those goodies are easily manifested within ourselves.  I love people who are kind, generous and funny.  Which now (after a few years of radical self love) I can say are traits that I own and radiate myself.  


Knowing that, I build on these traits and work on expanding them in me.  




If I had one year left on earth and money wasn’t an option, what would I do?


Answer this, then find a way to do it.  If it’s outrageous and unrealistic right now, do it small.  Most people would say “Travel the world!” but may not be able to simply skip work and do that.  So why not plan 3-4 small trips over the year to affordable destinations.  Even just places you could drive to.  If there is something in your soul that is calling for you, do it, in any capacity that you can.  

I can safely say that if I had one year left, I would spend it right here, in my home, doing work that inspires me, spending ample time with my family and eating good food that makes me feel good.  It may sound boring to you, but this is what lights me up in so many ways. 


What’s going to light you up this year?  

angela simson