Gratitude Gang

Those of you who visit me regularly on here might have noticed a pretty massive absence lately, and I'd love to explain why and what the future holds. 

To be honest, I have blog posts written up and ready to go but energetically, it didn't feel exciting anymore to post.  I wasn't feeling the love and I wasn't feeling like this was the right way for me to be serving at this time.  I had grand plans of posting shorter 'blog style' posts on Instagram but something swooped in and took my focus away from it.  

The Gratitude Gang.  

I'm sure you've noticed that that is where lots of my energy is going and while there are some really beautiful things happening in that space, I need to release the need to be everywhere online.  Because not only does that not serve me, it doesn't serve you to see me not living authentically to my values around time and freedom.  

So while I'm nurturing and growing with the girls in the Gang, I've had to take a step back.  

But I want to remind you that there is LOADS of amazing content in this blog, if you haven't been here for long then I encourage you to scroll back and read some of the oldies.  Trust that you will find what you need to read, even if it was published in 2015.  

It's definitely not goodbye to blogging, it's just an "I'll see you later".  

I've been having conversations with some big names in the world of Health and Wellness and even stretching into looking for someone to help me take my mission to the next level.  A little voice inside of me is calling out "re-brand" but I want to give that creative energy the space to grow into what it needs to be and not jump into creation mode immediately and burn myself out.  

I want to do it properly, for you.  I've run this site on my own, creating my own page and content and running it all.  Maybe it's time I stop trying to be a jack of all trades and become the Master of my Passion.  

But, for now, I'm all in for the women of the Gang and helping them to build a life that lights them up from the inside and I'm ALWAYS posting on Instagram, come find me and connect through there.  I love reading your comments and seeing all your statements on my posts.  

See you, later.

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