In the lead up to Harpers arrival, I knew two things. 


Babies are cute and…

It would be a while before I had much alone time again.


With this wise knowledge, I decided in the months before her arrival to embrace being alone.  I would spend mornings getting up early to do some yoga before anyone else in the house woke up, I would retreat to the bedroom at 7:30pm to read, meditate, journal and spend time with my mind and then there were other activities that were actually fun to do alone.  


Knowing that people often thrive on being with others, I thought it would be refreshing to share with you some things you can do alone to build your relationship with the most important person in your life - YOU. 



See a movie… ALONE!  

No one making comments, stealing your popcorn or playing with their phone when they’re bored.  See something totally indulgent, find your local art house cinema and bask in being totally alone.


Spend an hour in a book store and go through sections that you wouldn’t usually

You might find something new that sparks your interest. I did this once and ended up absolutely enthralled in a sci fi book… Not something I would ever usually have read! 


People watch

Set yourself up in a park and watch people pass you by.  You’ll be surprised the funny things you see. 


Finish something

That wardrobe clean out, the Netflix documentary you’ve been meaning to finish watching or even just a book that you’re on the final chapter.  Finish it! 


Go tech free

Like, completely tech free.  Turn off wifi, your computer, phone and TV.  Just feel what it’s like to live without technology for a little while.  


Take a bath

Make it totally indulgent.  Get out your best bath salts and oils, light candles, play your best music and read a trashy magazine.  Enjoy! 


Enrol in a class 

Any class!  Pottery, dancing, drama, music.  I remember as a teen I would try anything.  I went to a Rotary Camp away with no friends and no idea what was involved.  I did at least 3 different acting courses.  I was in a youth musical.  What on earth stops us from doing these things so out of our comfort zone these days?  The concept that we don’t have time.  But we have time to binge watch Narcos on Netflix?  Priority switch immediately!  


Now these are my top 7, but I've compiled a list with 25 more activities that you can use to magnify your spare time and start living a life that's full, even when you're by yourself.