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Well, I mean, of course you can!  It’s a job and a service in which people pay for which means you can make money doing it. 




It’s not as easy as putting up your sign and awaiting the masses.  


I seem to attract lots of aspiring coaches to my page both through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also through my Instagram page. I don’t know why, so don’t ask but I love it.  I love hearing from women who want to study so they can improve their own health and that of their loved ones, I love when someone comes to me on the cusp of making a decision about taking that next leap and I’m able to help them through those questions that come up and I love when a brand new coach comes to me asking how I built what I have and the pivotal question - 


“Can I actually make money from coaching?”


So I help them.  Some are a part of my inner circle of one on one Coaching Clients and others just want a quick email reply to clear up anything that they need to know.  Either way, I love being of service to ALL.  


But I wanted to give you my top tips on starting and answer some of the most frequent questions I’m asked about all that is my freaking incredible job.




Vision is so important in so many areas of your life.  But going into coaching because it seems like fun or because you’re sick of your current job isn’t going to cut it.  You need vision of not only what this means for you life, but also for the lives of the people you will help.  Because at the end of the day, we are all here to be of service to the world in some way. 


When I decided to study at IIN, I did it because I wanted to become healthier in myself and help my family thrive in life.  My vision was huge at the beginning.  I saw us all with optimal health, being thoroughly educated on food and our bodies and I saw what that meant for our day to day life but also for our future as we aged.  


But my vision changed about half way through my studies.  


I remember it so well!  I was in Mission Beach at my mums house, laying on the beach with my headphones in and listening to and watching my lectures on my phone.  In this particular module, we were able to see coaching in action.  In a short 15 minute session, the coach had opened up the client to things she hadn’t seen and in turn, the client decided on action steps she wanted to take to change the self deprecating beliefs and behaviours that were holding her back.  Then I saw the relief, the hope and the inspiration wash over her face as her coach reminded her that she would be completely supported during this time of transformation.  


It was freaking beautiful. 


And in that moment, I went from wanting to simply create health for myself and my family to wanting to help others.  In that moment I saw that we are all separately whole and we really do need each other and support to thrive.  We aren’t meant to do it all alone.  


In that moment my vision expanded.  




And this totally comes in a little later on but it’s so important.  I still know the exact woman that I’m speaking to in every blog post, every social media caption and every email newsletter.  I know her intimately.  I’ve spent so much time getting to know what she wants, needs, how she needs to be supported, why she wants to change and what lights her up.  




Because I’m passionate about where she is right now, the pain that she is in and how it is showing up in her life and I’m so bloody driven to help her live the life she wants to live.  It’s what gets me onto my computer each day, it’s what excites me about speaking to my clients, it’s what makes this job so fulfilling.  


I know her and I know how to help her shift her thoughts so she can thrive.  


So knowing why you want to do this work is the first step, but knowing who for is just as important.  And like I said, you don’t always know exactly who you want to work with in the beginning, you just need to have a deep hearted desire to help, but you will need to know her completely, eventually.  




And this is the part that helped me find her.  As I mentioned, you don’t just make a website and expect people to show up and start looking and booking.  You need to find your people and help them find you. 


When I first started coaching, I approached a company that aligned with my beliefs and I offered them something that would benefit them greatly in return for exposure to the people that I wanted to be of service to.  I’m going to go deep into how I did this during Flow & Thrive this weekend.  But this was the catalyst for me getting in front of my desired client and allowing her to find me.  


And that’s really important too, you need to be placed in front of her so that she can decide if you’re for her. 


We’re not in the business of forcing people to be coached (that visual cracks me up though) we’re in the business of being there for the people who need us at the time when they make the life changing decision to be supported through change, to be safe during the flow and to thrive in the chaos.  


We’re in the business of full blown, soul nurturing support for others. 


On that note, this is officially your last chance to come and connect intimately with Kate Caddle and I at our event - Flow + Thrive where we will be taking you through our first 12 months in this business, what worked, what didn’t, how we’ve built successful businesses that allow us the freedom to live in accordance with our values but also consistently be in a state of service to others.  



I would LOVE to meet you, hug you, hear your dreams.  I cannot wait! 


can you make money as a health coach?



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