I preach self love and kindness to all I meet. 


Friend is stressed... Self love time.

Mum is sick… Time to rest mama.

Husband isn’t being present… Lets take some time to connect.


But lately I personally have had a feeling of lack.  Like there is something missing, a gap in my chest that needs filling. 

I don’t know if this happens to you (let me know in the comments below if it does) but sometimes, I feel the incredible urge to cry for no reason.  It doesn’t last long, but when I feel that empty space in my heart it brings on the feeling that a good tear session is in need. 

Sometimes I let it out and other times I don’t.  Some days I’m just too busy to stop and cry for half an hour.  That’s ok. 

Then a few weeks ago my beautiful friend Alysa invited me to her Whole Hearted Mini Retreat.

A day of yoga and meditation and I don’t have to worry about being away from the girls too long or packing a bag?  Seemed pretty much like a dream.

The morning of I was dreading it.  Like I do with most outings when I have to be around people (#secretintrovert) but I had committed and got my butt into my leggings and waited for Kate Caddle to pick me up.


But safe to say, we often resist what we need. 


I walked in and the energy of the room took over and had me hooked.  I almost cried, but kept it together because randomly bursting into tears for no reason is sometimes seen as strange. 

It was fun.  I’m talking yoga-dancing to Lana Del Ray, eating amazing food from Greenhouse and the best Yin class ever.  Complete with head massages. 


But the thing I realised is that I so often don’t check in to make sure I’m taking time out to do things like this.  My mind will come up with every excuse not to do the things that create my inner calm.  


Things like:

:: I can’t go to yoga because I need to prep dinner

:: There’s no point meditating today because Harper will probably wake up half way through 

:: It’s easier to have a smoothie rather than slow down and prepare a meal that will nourish me even further. 

:: I want to learn EFT tapping but I need to study for my IIN Hormone Health course first. 

And sometimes I need these reminders that putting myself first isn’t just good for my health, it’s good for my life too.  The excuses and the things I put first can usually wait. 


So I’m starting my resolutions now (because why wait for January 1st?) and I’m going to commit to doing more things for me. 


What will you do today that your future self will thank you for?

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.12.41 am.png

PS. Alysa is having a Byron Bay retreat in April next year that I am so excited for! You can get all the details and secure your space right here!