"Are you living your purpose?"


I used to hear people say this all the time.  Online, during motivational speeches and in magazines.  Good question, I would think.  But I had a better one..


"What on earth is my purpose?"


How do I know what my purpose is?  Don't I find out when I'm taking my last precious breath of life? Apparently not.  There are actually easier ways to figure it out.


It took me a while to figure it out.  I didn't know that I could turn my passion into a career. That thing that I could chew peoples ears off about.  Probably because for many years I didn't have a clear vision of what fed my soul.  


That's fine.  


We aren't born vets, writers, stylists or chefs.  We develop passions, through life, friends, books, movies and pretty much anything we can see, hear, smell or feel.  


There is a slight fault in all this pressure to find your passion.  There are so many amazing influencers out there telling people to be happy, healthy and do work you love.  TRUST ME, I'll be that person putting the pressure on you too, it's important!  But it doesn't have to happen right away.  You don't just know suddenly where life should take you.  It's a progression, your own personal flow, and there is no rush.  


As Joshua Rosenthal says - Life is a very long time.  


My little tip for you to find out what it is that lights you up inside is to put your heart into everything.  If you want to make picture frames for your family and friends for Christmas, do it will full passion.  If you want to paint, draw or create, do it like you're an aspiring professional in that area.  Don't half ass anything that you do for fun.  Use your full ass.  


So live for now.  Your so called purpose will show itself eventually if it wants to.  If not?  Who cares, at least you enjoyed the ride! You'll most likely find that while you're having fun and living life to the fullest, you'll end up finding what fulfils you most anyway (aka - your purpose). 


If you want to go deeper into finding out what it is that lights you up inside, head to my COACHING PAGE and book in a free chat to see if some guidance and a soft little shove is all you need to start living in your light.