Do you want to wake up feeling this young and vibrant?  Actually jump out of bed without hitting the snooze button.


It's possible.  


I want to help you wake up and feel amazing, every morning or your life.  I've compiled for you my best and most effective tips to have you literally bouncing into your day. 


Be light

I know I always sleep really well after a big meal.  How I wake up is a different story.  If I’ve over eaten, I will wake up feeling heavy.  My body doesn’t flow like I want it to.  I feel unmotivated to exercise and don’t really want to move.  Keep your meals light in the evening.  Make the job of digestion easy on your body and wake up fresh.


Switch off

I used to be unable to sleep unless I had checked Instagram, Facebook, e-mails and Pinterest.  In the last few months, I’ve made it a rule (that I still break occasionally) to not touch my phone when in bed.  It was actually difficult at first.  I had social media FOMO.  What if I missed some beautiful photo on Instagram, or someone announced their pregnancy on Facebook?  It’s taken time but I realise now that a good, quality sleep is way more important to my health.  Try starting a new ritual of reading a book instead, put your phone somewhere out of reach and make your bed a tech free haven. 


Keep it regular

As much as possible, try to wake up at the same time everyday.  This helps set your body clock and eventually the alarm will be completely unnecessary! Same goes for bedtime.  Your body has a rhythm and the more you disrupt that the harder it is to get in a flow.  Figure out what works for you, but waking up with the sun is what we’re designed to do, so try to keep it as close to the sunrise as possible.  


Actually wake up

When you wake up, get up.  Even if it’s slow, a big stretch, one leg out at a time.  If your body has woken you up naturally and it’s a reasonable time to get up, it’s not a good idea to try and force more sleep just because it’s Sunday.  You’ll end up feeling more drowsy.  Make the most of the morning! 



Have a big drink of water.  Get your insides flowing and hydrate yourself after your body has had it’s big rest.  Wash your face.  If you don’t shower as soon as you wake, just splash your face from the tap to bring your energy levels up.  Make it a morning ritual so your body knows it’s up time! 


That's it, doesn't seem too hard, right?  Even if you can slowly incorporate one of these each week into your morning and evening routine, you'll see an improvement.  


Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for sleeping soundly through the night and waking up feeling fresh!