I recently posted about how important it is for me to buy certified organic produce for my family.  I will always buy organic where possible and I'm especially careful to look for the Australian Certified Organic bud so I can eat it with confidence.  

Some of you mentioned the cost of organic food and how it's a strain to your budget.  That's a fair statement!  Organic food does cost a little more and that is for good reason.  There is a list of foods that are the most important to buy organic, these are called the Dirty Dozen.  They are the foods most affected by the sprays and pesticides used in conventional farming these days.  

As a little gift, I've made you all a lovely download which you can have on your fridge, to remind you which foods you should be buying organic.  I've also made a Clean Fifteen download, which are the foods that you can buy conventionally and know they aren't as heavily chemicalized as the Dirty Dozen.  

It's always good to keep in mind that even though organic food costs a little more, it's a huge investment in your health, possibly saving you on health care costs in the future.  A great push for me to start buying organic was when a friend pointed out that many people are happy to spend a couple of hundred dollars on new jeans or a night out on the town, but complain when their fruit and veg are a few cents more.  

Remember, organic isn't as available as conventional produce at the moment, but you vote with your wallet.  The more we buy organic produce, the more they will put into our grocery stores.  

I'll be posting a little more about why organic is better soon, but for now, I have some Christmas presents to bake!