While I love to make my own face scrubs and gorgeous smelling hair treatments, sometimes you need to let the professionals do their thing and when it comes to my skin and hair..  I can get fussy. 

So I know we're all becoming increasingly aware of what's in our beauty products.  Our skin absorbs what we put on it so you've always got to ask yourself -

Would I be comfortable with these ingredients in my body, not just on it?  

Most of the commercial stuff - hell no!  I can't pronounce half of it and I know that many of these ingredients will be making their way down our drains and into our waters which I'm really not ok with.

Lets start with the face..

If I've been wearing make-up, I know I need to cleanse properly.  I've been using lewin & reilly lately and I cannot get enough of it.  Every product smells like a beautiful day spa and my skin is drinking up all the organic and natural ingredients.  My favorite is their cleansing oil which I use once a week and my skin glows the next morning!  

Just like with food and produce, I always like to know where what I buy is coming from.  I always research companies and I like to know what their focus and goals are.  This is a company that cares about all aspects of natural living, from their packaging to their warehouse, they do what they can to make a difference.  Most importantly - they test on HUMANS, not animals.  

If I only need to clean some of the days dirt and grim from my skin, I use my Eco Sponge.  It's a pure vegetable sponge and you only need to add water and massage your face for it to work.  It's so nourishing that I don't need to moisturise after I've used it.  I love that it's 100% toxic chemical free and does it's part to balance your skins PH levels.  It's literally a gift from nature. 

And the body.. 

My little family has been using MooGoo Milk Wash for almost two years now and I've really got no complaints.  Soap can strip the vital moisture from your skin and do more harm than good.  I've suffered from eczema on my hands since I was a teen and in winter it would get painful.  Skin cracking and sometimes bleeding.  So I went on the search for a body and hand wash that would balance my skins PH levels and was tested on people not animals.  I found MooGoo and began using it as our body wash and also started using the Eczema and Psoriasis Cream.  My hands have been eczema free ever since and it's gentle enough that we use it to wash Bo's body and hair!

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly - deodorant!  I've actually been searching for a while for the right deodorant for me with little success.  Until at the Utopia Wellness Expo a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet Therese Kerr at her Divine stand. Her passion and enthusiasm for natural organic skincare had me feeling motivated and excited that people are in this for more than just making sales, but to change the world.  Out of the products I received from her on the day, the deoderant is by far my favorite.  It's certified organic and is completely free of toxic chemicals.  And.. It works!  I'm very aware that sweat is toxins leaving the body.  When you use an antiperspirant that clogs these pores and stops the toxins getting out, they'll stay in your body and I honestly would rather them out!  This is a deodorant that lets you release the bad stuff while smelling fresh all day.  

I'm always trying and testing new natural products and I want to know, what's your favorite chemical free beauty buy to date?  Comment below so I can see what you're loving right now.