I love a good Christmas feast.  But over the years I've learnt the difference between a feast and gorging myself until my cousin has to pry the fork from my shaking hands as I swear I'm so full but I need just. ONE. MORE. BITE. 


Been there?  Hate that feeling?


You all know by now that I'm a huge advocate of treating yourself.  I'm not really into deprivation type lifestyles and I'm sure we would all rather spend this time of year celebrating and nourishing ourselves with delicious foods that will have us bounding into 2015 with the energy and vibrancy that we so deserve. 


So how do we do this?  Here's some tips I've picked up and would love to share with you - 


1. Keep your self care in check

This can turn into the time of year where you're constantly using the excuse "but it's Christmas" to justify that next drink or sugary treat being popped into your mouth.  But what we forget that it's a time of year that most of us get off work to rest and relax.  Instead we find ourselves busier that ever and losing sight of our self love.  Do not forget about self love!  Use this precious time off to actually rest, and I'm not talking sloth around the house in your PJ's and then cry when you have to go back to work that you've done nothing with your holidays.  

Take some time out to meditate. 

Treat yourself to a bath or book in for a massage. 

Head to the park with a rug and a good book and let yourself fall asleep beneath the trees. 

Rest and restore, but make it worth of your time.  Don't be crying into your stale gingerbread cookies come December 31 that you need more time.  Dedicate these last weeks to some serious self care. 


2. Schedule in cleanse days

Right now, look in your calendar and find a day that you have no events on.  Completely block it out and turn it into a day for you to cleanse.  This can mean anything.  You could have a green day full of alkalising foods and drinks with some meditation thrown in.  Do a juice cleanse and flush out any naughtys that may have crept into your diet lately (if you're a local you can check out The Cleanse Kitchen and have it delivered to your door!).  Or even try a brain cleanse, turn off your phone and do nothing for the day.  Just chill.  Enjoy it. 


3. Throw our your New Years Resolutions

That's right.  No new years resolutions.  Don't spend the last days of the year thinking about how pure and good you're going to be come the 1st of January.  Start now!  Get going on that project you want to start, eat well now and cut back on the toxins, call your Nan more often.  Dedicate the new year to doing things that excite you and motivate you.  Don't dedicate 2015 to change, just make it about adding in more juicy goodness to your life. 


4. Get vibrant - with a little help

On any given day it's difficult to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need just from the foods you eat.  Sometimes a supplement is necessary to help you keep your energy levels up and pairing that goodness with a prebiotic to help your gut deal with the influx of naughty foods that may have crept onto your plate lately is essential.  I've been taking Divinita Source Energy and as a mama that is chasing around a toddler for a majority of my day, I surprisingly have more energy than I did as a teen.  Plus I know I'm taking care of my body, a little thanks to it for taking such good care of me all these years! 


5. Drink smart

Now, I'm not a big drinker.  But from previous experience and also some tips from my besties, I know some strategies to keep the hangover at bay and stop you from dancing on tables at your work Christmas party. 

:: Just one glass of water between beverages will keep you hydrated and lower the intensity of your hangover significantly.

:: Ditch the lolly water.  Sugar + bubbles + alcohol = sore head, tummy and possibly limbs (we all go a little crazy with the dance moves when drinking such a combination).  Just stay away, keep your drinks clean and stay away from crazy cocktails.  

:: Remember to pace yourself.  It's all well and good to have a fun night but there is no fun in forgetting it.  Make it enjoyable but don't sacrifice your health and dignity for that extra shot. 


6. Keep your kitchen stocked up

Just because things are a little different and your routine is slightly off, doesn't mean you can lose sight of your health and fill your fridge with puddings and cookies.  Schedule in an hour or two to make up your Mason Jar Meals and get your bliss balls and raw slices blended chopped and in the freezer.  Make it hard to cheat on your health by having an array of healthy options sitting in your kitchen for moments of extreme hunger! 


7. Speaking of food... 

We all do it.  At a Christmas party and the deep fried tray of grease passes and you're like "I'll just have one" but this happens about 10 times then next thing you know you're home with a pain in your gut and you know you won't fit into your NYE dress anymore.  Solution!  Eat before you go out.  I keep a big batch of a therapeutic veggie soup in my fridge and it's my go to meal if I'm heading out.  It's full of vegetables with a bone broth base and lentils for the extra bulk to keep me full.  I feel light and energised when I leave home and it's that much easier to refuse the naughty bits, or just have one or two.  


That's me sorted for the holidays, do you have any tips for me to help the readers stay light and vibrant during this gorgeous time of year?  If you do, post a comment below and let us all know! Or shoot me an email, connect on Facebook or Instagram.  


I hope you're enjoying this beautiful time of year!