We've all been hurt at some point. 

Someone or something could've done it.  Or maybe it was you.  No matter how it happened, the path to healing will always be different and the intensity can be overwhelming at times. 

One hundred percent of the time in hurt, we grow.  

I recently found myself pushing through some past pain that I've never completely acknowledged.  I was moody, confused, alone and extremely lost.  I went through it alone because that was the path I wanted to take and I didn't see the benefit in drawing others into my grief until I could completely understand where it was coming from.

I'm extremely aware that many people struggle with the healing process.  

I know this because I did, I still do at times.  

I wanted to share with you all some tips that I've picked up over my recent growth.  Yes I look at the healing process as growth because it always is.  


1. Take time out.  

Loose your responsibilities for some time.  Clear your calendar and take time to work through what you're going through. 


2. Be honest with your energy. 

Don't spend time with people if you're not wanting to.  I wanted to be alone.  It's better to honour your feelings and listen to your intuition.  If surrounding yourself with friends and family helps with your healing, do that.  Be true to you. 


3. Write it out. 

Journaling is so incredibly therapeutic.  Don't be neat, scribble your thoughts and feelings onto paper.  Do it whenever you feel your thoughts are circling your mind, create clarity by letting it all out.  Keep your journal safe.  If you feel your privacy could be invaded, just write on paper and tear it up when your done.  This can be an extreme feeling of release.  Throwing the negativity into the bin can help you clear it from your mind.  


4. Respect it, but don't let consume you. 

Hurt can take over our whole being for some time.  While I believe it's necessary to let it take it's course, there comes a time when you have to choose to be happy.  Let your hurt out, nurture it and be kind to yourself.  When you feel like you've given it the time it needs, let it be done.  Decide to do things that will make you happy again.  Accept that what has happened cannot be changed and learn ways to live with it.   Make peace with it.  Be grateful that you've learned from it.  Sometimes doing this isn't a choice, it will come naturally.  But if you feel like you need a shove then feel confident to give yourself a positive push in the right direction.  


I hope these tips help you.  Always seek support in whatever way feels right to you when times are tough.