Have you ever been on a diet?  


Did you ever own one of those little calorie counting books you can buy at the Newsagents?  I had one years ago and I would carry it around with me, checking everything that I was eating, recording it in the book.  My standard lunch was a 6 inch Subway with a large Diet Coke (only 1 calorie?  Awesome!) and if I had skipped breakfast then I could eat the whole share pack of Maltesers and have enough calories left for a Lean Cuisine and some low fat ice cream for dinner.  


Clearly that didn't work and I'll not only explain why, but I'll help you figure out what does.  


The Calorie Diet was only one of the many weight loss fads I tried when I was a teen and my early twenties.  But really, what chance did I have of thinking there was any other way to be happy?  The diet industry is a $60 billion dollar business.  That's not at all surprising.  But did you know that when you go on a diet, you have an 83% chance of gaining back what you lost plus some more?  

I didn't know that.  They don't tell you at the end of a diet book that you'll probably end up bigger than you were.  They wouldn't make much money if they did that.  

So if you were told you had an 83% chance of a medication making you ill instead of better, would you take it?  No way!  Then why do you fight with statistics when it comes to weight loss?  I can tell you why I did.  Because I was so used to the battle with your body that it almost felt right to be at war with something.  


I definitely got to a point in life where I was sick of the struggle.  I didn't want a challenge anymore.  I didn't want to test my willpower or push myself to the limits.  I remember wanting to scream with frustration because IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD!  I should be able to enjoy a piece of cake without having to live off broccoli for the next day to make up for it.  


The truth is, it's not that hard.  I found intuitive eating by default, because I was so over only eating what was on my food chart for that day from my latest book on weight loss.  


Intuitive eating is about listening to your body.  About waking up in the morning and getting hydrated firstly, then taking time for some stillness to listen to what your body is calling for that day.  It could be a green smoothie or some warming oats.  If you're addicted to sugar you could be craving CocoPops but when you eat intuitively you know that you can take the healthy path and have a healthy alternative, like cacao banana nice cream with some activated buckwheat on top.  Then when lunchtime rolls around, you eat when you feel hungry.  If your body wants a warm soup, that's what you give it.  If you feel like your tummy is yelling out for carbs, you add chopped sweet potato to a salad and top it with good fats.  


This is a no fail way of finding the right balance for your body.  As long as you steer clear of processed foods you'll have an abundance of options to nourish yourself.  You get to eat whatever you fee like eating, as long as it is fresh, free of additives and preservatives and doesn't contain white sugar or processed sweeteners.  


The best part is, it's not a diet.  Meaning there is no strict meal guides, no start and end date and no deprivation or starvation.  The trick is to really tune into your body and listen to what it is asking you for.  


So stock up  your pantry with an abundance of whole foods.  Spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing snacks that are easy to grab, chopped fruit, Bliss Balls and vegetable sticks with dip. Make a big batch of soup and freeze it in single portions.  Wash your lettuce so a salad is easy to prepare in just a few minutes.  Roast vegetables to throw on top of it.  Cook two roast chickens and shred the meat for your lettuce wraps or rice salads for the week.  Make up some Mason Jar Meals to grab and go when you're in a rush.  


If you feel like you need some support when it comes to nourishing your body and eating for energy, talk to me!  I invite you to book in for a complimentary Health Goals Session where we can discuss your desires and needs for your future happiness.  I know what it's like to go from junk food and take out to vibrant energy and health.  It's a combination of small changes, big support and lots of self love.  Click here to book in your free one on one session with me.  


Make it impossible to be hungry with no options. Make it nourishing!