I'm always thinking about how people create this "Pinterest Life" in their mind.  


Even if you don't have Pinterest, you probably know what I'm talking about. 


This life has it all.  That home with perfectly manicured lawns surrounding a stunning infinity pool and extremely tempting sun loungers.  That organised pantry filled with healthy staples which are, of course, in matching labelled jars.  The worlds best wardrobe and insanely gorgeous highlighted hair in the best looking messy buns and Victoria's Secret style curls.  


You get where I'm going with this, right?  


My question has always been, what happens when this life is achieved?  When you own the house and fill the rooms with your ideal furnishings and spend your weekends creating insane looking dishes for your beautiful friends and family?  

Nothing really spectacular really.  Why?  Because we tend to be constantly searching for more, for better or even best and this race is leaving us mentally exhausted.  


So what if you started creating an inner board in your own mind.  Not focused on what it looks like. One where you focus completely on how life FEELS.


This is a life where what type of car you drive doesn't matter, but the daily reminder that you have legs that move you makes you feel that lightness of gratitude within.  This life is focused on your relationships, what you can give to the people you love and how they are giving so much to you from love.  This life feels complete.  


And you can have it right now. 


I work with women everyday and get to experience these 'a-ha' moments when they realise that the life they always wanted to improve and adjust is suddenly everything they ever wanted.  These incredible clients of mine get to feel the inner working of gratitude at play and once they know it, they won't let it go.  That will be with them forever.  They will face all obstacles with a new sense of self, a knowing that they are in this predicament for a reason and that it was given to them because they're strong enough to handle it.  


I know that not everyone has the time or finances to work with me one on one.  But I also know that I want to share this feeling with everyone and after months and months of listening intently to my tribe, I have a solution for you.  


The Gratitude Transformation is a 6 week journey of inner work to create that happiness and fulfilment within the life you're living right now.  No crazy diets, no get rich quick plans, no suspicious supplements.  Just you, me and a whole bunch of other big hearted happiness hunters working together to create a life that feels INCREDIBLE! 


Enrolment is now open and will close off on 11 May 2015, so if you want to enrol to work with me in this life enhancing program, this is the time!  Each week you will be sent your Gratitude Module, complete with worksheets, actionable tasks and to top it off, lifetime access to our private Gratitude Facebook page where we can all discuss our 'a-ha' moments, support each other when we need it and have weekly Gratitude Group Hangs for the duration of the program.  


I made this for you.  I believe in it because I've seen it completely change how other women view their lives.  I trust in this structure so much that if you're not feeling it, by the half way point, you'll get a full refund (with minor conditions, obvs!).  


So what have you got to loose?  If you want to know more, as it happens, you can register your interest here.  


Remember to mark 12 May in your calendar as the beginning of your journey, I don't want you to miss out on being a part of this inner shift.  


*Enrolment is now closed.. To stay in the loop for the next round, register your interest here.  If you want to learn more about 1:1 coaching, check out my programs HERE.