Learning about the Chi energy cycle and making it a daily practise has been one of the greatest health, beauty and energy assets in my life.


It was challenging at first and it took time to adapt but slowly the patterns and rituals became more habitual and the impact on how I felt was phenomenal.  I’m now a Chi energy cycle addict! I get more done than ever before, I feel energised and fulfilled more often, I sleep deeper and have more passion for life! I still have days where my Chi Cycle pattern is flipped sideways, but the next day I get back into the swing of it and notice the beautiful differences it makes in my life. If we don’t accept these gifts at the time, life simply offers them again the next day!


So what is the Chi Cycle?


Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the idea that the universe is made of energy. The energy flows through the planets and stars and through our bodies in a 24 hour cycle. Within our body our life energy (Chi) circulates through each organ in turn. Every 2 hours a different organ is energised! Each organ has a specific physical, emotional and spiritual function so every 2 hours we can make choices that maximise the effect of the energised organ. (Eating, sleeping, exercising, Yoga, meditation, working, planning, communicating, being creative, hobbies, relaxing, bedtime and wake time). 

A key element of the Chi Cycle is balancing Yang (action)  with Yin (rest) times. This in itself is a huge challenge for those of us who need to let go of the 24/7 lifestyle. The Chi Cycle shows the optimum time to take breaks so the active times are much more effective and productive.

An organs pathway can also access the universal intelligence, a source of great wisdom. For example each day between 1-3pm as our small intestine is energised we have the opportunity to find mental clarity. Between 3-5pm as our bladder becomes energised we can feel our direct connection to life. Each thing we do at the right time with one organ makes it easier for the next organ to carry out it’s duties.


THE CHI CYCLE was identified thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese sages.


This is the beauty of the Chi Cycle in that no matter how ill, depressed, lethargic or unmotivated we feel, every day we have an opportunity to change!


How do you benefit from Chi Cycle Energy Flow in 24hrs?


5-7am - Chi energy moves to large intestine (metal element) and allows us the opportunity to embrace the new and connects with ‘letting go’ of old conditioning. We have the chance to cut off what we no longer want and what no longer serves us, mentally, emotionally and also physically (bowel cleanse). This is the best time to get rid of ‘stuff’ and start afresh. We have the full support of the universe to break free from limiting thought and emotional patterns and embrace a new way of thinking. If you want a healthy, happy and successful life then getting early is non-negotiable. This is the best time for Yoga, meditation, exercise - sweat, (exercise x 300 more fat burning), gratitude rituals, mantras and affirmations.

7-9am - Chi moves to the stomach (Earth Element), the time to feel solid and grounded. Eating a solid nourishing breakfast builds good stomach Chi (stomach Chi is life giving). Each day feel a warm welcome to the Earth, be sweet to yourself and feel balance as you enjoy breakfast.

9-11am Chi moves to the spleen (Earth element) this is the opportunity to make the most of Yang speedy nature and power through the morning. This the best time to be work, be productive and approach the biggest challenges of the day. Its also a great time to study, learn and retain information. Work solidly, stay focused and be productive during this time. You will be surprised how much more you achieve on your to do list.


The heart is the seat of our consciousness and intelligence and governs our body. 


11-1pm Chi moves to the heart (Fire element) Time to access our soul and spread the love of who we are and what we’re passionate about. We are most expressive and in touch with our soul and find more purpose in life. This is a great time for interactive meetings, personal communication, inspirational and creative discussions or presentations. Keep meaning and soul in mind during this time working smarter not harder.

1-3pm Chi energy moves to the small intestine (fire element) and we move from the speedy Yang to the slower Yin phase allowing the body to rest and absorb nutrients. The great sage Lao Tzu said ‘Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity’ Try not to let your ‘Yang’ keep running your life.The hard work has been done (9am-1pm), slow down a little, enjoy delicious nurturing food to nourish the blood chi and organs. Allow yourself to tip over the peak and embrace some Yin time, learn to chill out and receive mental clarity and wisdom.


If we keep building too much Yang we create insomnia, instability, frustration, anger and other distressing mental and emotional states. Following the Chi cycle takes us back to our powerful and content organic nature. 


3-5pm Chi moves to the bladder (water element), the longest meridian in the body. In bladder time we can feel the rewards of living in harmony with yin and yang, giving us a us new lease on life. We can still work but choose enjoyable tasks that are not over challenging. Engage cruise control, go with the flow and feel the power. If you suffer from 3.30itish, this is a sympton of depleted blood and chi and following the Chi cycle will start to these symptoms.

5-7pm Chi moves to the kidneys (water element)  Its time to drift a little, reflect on the day, acknowledge your own strenghth and skills, switch over to Yin mode, practise Yoga, laugh and make light of the day. Enjoy drink and dinner and celebrate this time for spiritual coming home.

7-9pm  Chi moves to the pericardium membrane protecting the heart (fire element). The fire to warm the heart and soul and feel protection at home with loved ones. This is a great time to be creative and indulge in something for yourself, feeling stress free, cosy and safe in self.

9-11pm Chi moves to a mysterious organ called San Jiao (fire element), said to be the beginning and end of Chi. Its time to snuggle up in bed and drift away to sleep. During this time we experience ourselves as spirit and allow deep REM sleep which is deeply rejuvenating and anti-aging.

11pm-1am Chi moves to our gall bladder (wood element) and we experience a level of unconscious problem solving. This time helps us build inner courage, inner wisdom and empowerment to confidently deal with lifes challenges.

1-3am  Chi moves to the liver (wood element) being the most yin period of the entire Chi cycle. Our blood returns to the liver to be cleansed and revitalised, giving us energy for later. This is an important time for deep rest, restoration and recovery.

3-5am Chi moves to the lungs (metal element) responsible for the return of our soul (breath) each morning. As the soul comes back into the body we experience dreams. Strong lung Chi allows us to live in the now, accept the past and look forward to the future!


Our Chi Cycle maps out our perfect day plan to achieve energy, health and happiness and take one step closer to fulfilling our destinies.


If you need support with maping out your Chi Cycle according to the specific demands of your life, Madonna is available for online coaching and support.

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