I want to talk to you about life changing moments.  


I was in Bali a few years ago with my two closest girlfriends, they headed out to party and I stayed in because I was feeling all cleansed and spiritual and wanted to wake up with the sun again.  So I watched Eat Pray Love on my laptop and had an epiphany.  


I was going to move to Bali.  Or Rome.  Or maybe even India!


Life was good, I was about to get married and I was happy in every sense of the word.  But I wasn’t truly feeling fulfilled with life.  Just like Elizabeth Gilbert, I wanted more beauty, more magic and more adventure.  

I sat up and journaled about how I couldn’t wait to start this new life.  We were going to get married, work for a while and then figure out where we would go.  Life would be insanely juicy and we would be the happiest we had ever been.


A few days later I got home.  Back to my little apartment, with my sweet fiance and my tiny kitchen where I had taught myself to cook.  I rambled to Hugh about my plans for us, how we would live simply from one suitcase and make babies in foreign countries.  He kissed me and told me it sounded lovely, before giving me the best gift of my life.


One sentence - “why can’t we just make our happiness here?”


Of course, this was shattering to my future plans and I rolled my eyes.  He didn’t understand.  He didn’t get life and the magic of it.  But laying in bed that night I finally realised he got it more than I ever realised.  

I love to travel, I love change and I love being thrown out of my comfort zone.  But I was suddenly putting my faith in our future happiness outside of us.  I was relying on a place, a challenge and things outside of me to create my happiness.  That’s not fair.  


I knew happiness was an inside job.  I knew gratitude could change my life.  But I wasn’t implementing any of these principles into my life.  


I was looking for magic in other countries, without realising that I could create my own version right in my little home, by simply appreciating what I had right in front of me.  I stopped dreaming of new places, different people.  I started waking up and drinking in all the beauty around me.  I started being grateful for the comforts of having a home, good food, friends close by and a beach to dive into whenever I wanted.  


I believe travel is good for the soul.  But in that one comment from my soul mate, I realised that my love, adventure and most importantly - my magic - would all come from within.  


So I worked on creating my dream life, within what I already had around me.  No longer waiting for a trip, a new home or someone outside of me to complete my life.  I’m doing it all for myself.  


Are you?  Let me know in the comments below.