For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a multi-tasker. 

I listen to audio books in the car, cook while I’m catching up with old friends on the phone, stretch in front of the TV and I even used to pump my milk while writing blog posts.

However, even I am a work-in-progress and this crazy ‘do it all’ side of me has sometimes proved to be a disadvantage in my life.  So over the past few years I’ve learnt to slow down.  Take tasks in a more zen like manner.  

Relax a little.  

But my inner ‘get shit done’ voice is always on hand to get me moving when I need it.  It can be incredibly annoying, but sometimes very helpful.  

My friends always ask how I do it ‘all’.  Today, I’m going to share with you how I manage to be a full time mum, a coach to beautiful women who need some support in finding their shine while nourishing their mind and body, a wife, a blogger, a whiz in the kitchen, a student, a daughter and some how fit in finishing my next ebook, lots of self care, yoga and juice dates with my besties.  

I’m not listing my daily tasks to make anyone feel inadequate.  I’m simply wanting to show you that women can have it all, we’re pretty darn amazing and given the right tools, we can do everything while still maintaining our inner glow and happiness.  


1. Nourishment

There is no way you can be everything you need to be for the special people in your life and take care of yourself if you aren’t nourished.  Eating junk food, refined sugar or keeping yourself wired with coffee, soft or energy drinks will NOT allow you to take it to the next level and be the best you possible.  Stick with whole foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, good fats and oils.  Eat good quality organic grass-fed & finished meats, pastured chickens and sustainably caught local seafood if you’d like to.  It’s out there and it’s not that much more expensive.  You’ll save yourself a whole lot by cutting out the processed foods therefore reducing your trips to the doctor so it’s worth every penny.  Treat yourself with healthy sweets that will give you energy to do what you need throughout the day.  Drink broth!


2. Batching Activities

I used to run around the house like a headless chook trying to do stuff.  I’d put on a load of washing, start cooking some lunch, write out a few notes for work, crash on the lounge for just 5 minutes of TV before remembering I needed to vacuum.  This is an extremely unproductive way to live.  

I do all my cooking at once, a few times a week.  

I’ll put a chicken in the oven on a Monday with a separate tray of vegetables to roast, once that’s in I get a big batch of quinoa going on the stove to last the week.  Then I’ll start on some healthy sweet treats, blending, mixing and taste testing as I go.  That goes into the fridge.  By the time that’s over the vegetables are ready to come out of the oven and into a baking dish to cover with some kale and whisked eggs for a yummy frittata for me and Bo to snack on over the next few days.  Back into the oven.  Quinoa is done.  Let that cool.  Chop and rinse vegetables so they’re easily thrown into boiling water come dinner time, organise them into containers in the fridge.  

I never schedule my cooking, because I have a two year old and she sometimes doesn’t want me in the kitchen for more than 30 seconds.  But if you have that luxury, you totally should!  So I do this when I get an opportunity like when she’s napping, in the morning when my husband is around or when she’s actually eating herself.  Give them a messy meal and you’ve got a good hour of cooking to yourself (plus another hour of cleaning up your child).  If I see that Bo is happy playing alone or colouring, I’ll leave her and get stuff done.  Independent play is so important for little ones and I’m happy she’s learnt to entertain herself.  

I also do all my washing and cleaning on one day, but I always keep the house tidy as I go.  I’ve taught Bo to help put away her toys, she assists me in making the bed and loves to empty the dishwasher.  

When it comes to work, I do what I can, when I can, with absolutely no pressure.  Clearly this is easier for me being self employed and working from home.  I wake up before Bo so I get my emails done first thing in the morning, then I do any writing and creative work when she’s napping.  Lists are incredibly important to me.  I have Evernote on my phone and set reminders for everything.  I also love the free Shopping List app, so I always know what I need to grab at the markets and health food store.  


3. My evening ritual

I find night time, once Bo is asleep and my husband is happily fed and watching TV, is the ideal time to get organised for the next day.  Leaving dishes in the sink is just an annoying job for tomorrow so I always make sure the kitchen is clean before bed.  I take 5 minutes to tidy everything in the house and then I prepare my self and stuff for whatever the next day holds.  I pack up food and snacks for Bo, write a to-do list and work out what I need to take with me for the day (postage, shopping bags, snacks for myself if we’re out all day) and have it all waiting for me.  In the morning it’s the simple task of getting dressed and out the door, no packing food, looking for a towel for Bo if we’re going to the beach or wondering where that parcel is I need to drop off.  

So all up, I spend 15-20 minutes at night so my morning is stress free.  Totally worth it. 


4. I ask for help

This is something that I struggled with at first, but now I realise it just makes sense.  Having a two year old who is not yet in day care, plus a business with clients who rely on my full attention, means I need favours.  I have a beautiful friend who lives close by with a daughter the same age as Bo and we always help each other out.  I take her girl whenever I can so she can do her grocery shopping in peace and she looks after Bo when I have clients or need to get some work done.  

My mum lives here half the year and away the other half so she helps when she can and my dad is usually happy to take Bo to the park.  If I’m completely stuck I drop Bo with her Dad at work for an hour.  I ask the people I trust to help me.  Fortunately, they love hanging out with Bo so they never need much convincing.  But the trick is to stop trying to be all, do all and let people in to give you assistance.  Say yes when your aunt wants to pick up your dry cleaning, ask your brother to come hang with your kids while you have some much needed rest.  Let people help. You can return the favour one day.  


I hope that in some way, this has helped you.  I understand that as mothers, we're under lots of pressure to be lots of things to the people we love.  Take it in your stride.  Do everything with a full heart and take anything from above that applies to you and try to implement stress reducing changes into your day.  


If you have any tips to share with me, I'd love to hear about them!  You can comment below, shoot me an email or connect on Instagram.   If you're a mama who is looking to find some balance and to nourish your mind, body and spirit, connect with me HERE.