I love a fresh start.  I love Mondays, new notebooks and the beginning of a new season is my excuse to get organised and set intentions for the coming months.  


I do realise that some of my beautiful readers are coming into a completely different season, but read ahead.  This post is not about a specific season, but the reflections that come with the change in weather. 


Typically, where I'm from, not much changes when a new season arrives.  It's not suddenly cooler, the breeze is about the same and I'm sure we won't be seeing many brown, orange or red leaves falling to the ground here on the Gold Coast.  But one thing I notice when we transition through the year is the longing to set goals, look within and figure out what I want to personally achieve over this beautiful time.  


1. Balancing the darkness and the light

Autumn is a time to prepare for the darkness of Winter.  I love how this is a little reminder to stay prepared, but I also know that sometimes, the darkness comes without warning.  Being someone who is very passionate about positivity and living through gratitude, inner darkness is something I actually don't deal with well.  So I'm pushing forward and learning to appreciate the times in the darkness (i.e. the moments we don't desire) because character is built by how quickly you find the light again in those times.  You can never completely avoid confrontation, disappointment or anger.  You can, however, use it to help you grow. 

You aren't defined by what happens to you, but how you deal with it.  


2. Letting go

This seems really ideal for now, as I mentioned before, the leaves won't drop from the trees here but I'm looking forward to letting go of what I no longer need.  I'm letting go of self doubt.  I'm letting go of the mindset that I need to be of service to EVERYONE to really make a difference.  That's why I'm now narrowing down my coaching practice to specifically help big hearted mumas find balance and fulfilment in their lives.  This has been a big leap.  I want to help all women to nourish their lives!  But I know that my skills are best used when I'm communicating and nurturing other mothers to be their best self for their own lives and that of their families.   Watching another mum grow and find that sweet spot where her self love is on par with the importance of caring for her family makes my heart sing.  So that's where I'll go for now. 

If you want to know more about my coaching program, you can book a complimentary 30 minute Health Goals Session where we can discuss your dreams and see if I can support you in achieving them.  Click here for more.


3. Honouring my needs

While I'm totally fulfilled physically, my inner mind sometimes needs a little extra love and attention.  So in order to find more goodness within this busy head of mine I'm focusing on more meditation, more walking outside, more affirmations, more quiet time.  Sometimes we can get really caught up on the things that come from outside us.  We worry about the food we eat, our surroundings, who we're spending our time with.  While all these things ultimately connect into our thoughts, sometimes it's a good idea to just hone in on that inner voice, and let her have a moment of peace, love and acceptance.  More goodness, no explanation really needed. 


So I want to know what you're intentions are for this new season?  What do you really feel you need right now and how are you going to take steps to make it happen?  Let me know in the comments below.