Do you feel like no matter how much sleep you get, how 'clean' you eat and how well you exercise, 3:30-itis still hits without fail DAILY?

There are many different reasons for this.  Digestive issues, bad quality sleep or the inability to mentally switch off are just some of the things that could be lowering you afternoon energy levels. Obviously issues that need to be addressed. But as you know, I'm all about small, simple changes to bring lasting lifelong habits and changes.  So while you're on your journey to a vibrant and healthy body and mind, I've got some tips to help you deal with these little slumps without stuffing cookies down your throat.  


Stop talking about it

We all do it.  When women go through the same thing, we feel connected, like syncing up at that time of the month.  It's like we're a part of a little club.  You tell your girlfriends that you're like soooooo tired.  They're tired too.  Let's be tired together and eat naughty food.  Because it doesn't count if the girl at the desk next to you is doing it.  "I'll have another if you do" is the international phrase that we somehow translate to "no calories if it's shared".  

Solution?  Hold back from complaining.  When you feel the urge to moan about how you can't look at the computer screen anymore because your eye balls will fall out, stop and take a breath.  Act how you want to feel.  Want more energy?  Just spend 2-3 minutes actively watching your movements and words.  Pretend you have buckets of energy bursting out of you for just that short amount of time and watch what happens.  Do a little dance, have an exciting conversation about what you're looking forward to this weekend and shake it off.  Act how you want to feel.  


Stand tall and move towards the light

Sunshine has been shown to up your mood due to the effect it has on your bodies natural cycles.  So if you're indoors and feeling like it's bed time, get some sun.  Head outside for a quick walk, open a window and bask in the warmth.  Remind your body that it's daytime and give yourself a little break.  Make sure you're standing straight, with good posture.  This allows air to flow more freely to the brain and takes away any excess stress and strain on your neck and back.  


Follow your nose

Use the power of scent to distract your sugar cravings.  Diffuse some Wild Orange oil or rejuvenate your mind by rubbing some Peppermint oil on your temples and the back of your neck.  Not only will essential oils give you an instant pick me up but they will move your mind away from the soft drinks and processed snacks


Calm your mind

Listening to calming music is shown to reduce stress and improve your mood.  So if you're feeling a little cranky and ready to give up on the day, jump onto Spotify and listen to some calming acoustic tunes.  If you're in need of a real boost to take on the remainder of the day, find some uplifting beats to increase your energy.  Plus, I always remember my mum telling me to listen to Mozart while I was studying, it boosts concentration.  At the time I thought it was the most boring music I could possibly be subjected to but it was guaranteed to keep my head in the books.  Still works to this day! 


So take some different routes to get your body and mind back to an energetic state, try these natural alternatives before you hit the coffee and chocolate! 


Tried these tips and still getting the afternoon slump?  It could be something bigger than just needing a small hit of oxygen.  Have a look through my Coaching Packages if you want to change your energy and your life for the better!