It’s seems pretty obvious.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Less meat, dairy, processed food and sugar.  Drink water.  Move.  


But there is more than what’s going into your mouth and how you’re raising your heart rate. I’ve noticed so many little tricks and secrets that experts in the health industry live by and I want to share them with you, because health is a birthright and it’s time for you to reclaim yours.  


1. They support local

It’s pretty rare to see health nuts in a supermarket.  They go there, but only on the odd occasion.  Their weekend is scheduled around trips to the farmers market, where they spend time getting to know about where their food is grown.  They’re tight with their local organic butcher and always get tips on the best way to cook grass fed proteins.  Plus they’re regulars at bulk health food stores and always know when specials are on and have a loyalty card.  


2. Restriction is not an option

Healthy people never count calories, they eat enough nutrient dense food to fulfil their daily needs. It’s never about cutting foods out, it’s always about adding more goodness in.


3. They give in to cravings

Our bodies are amazing.  I’m still baffled that I grew a baby in my belly.  So when you’re craving something like a muffin or ice cream, it’s not your body that’s getting it wrong, it’s the way you’re reading what it’s telling you.  

Healthy people will crave things like avocado or coconut.  When a craving for excess salt or chocolate comes up, they read it as a need for something to help their body thrive.  A pinch of himalayan sea salt on their baked sweet potato, or a square of home made raw chocolate.  Whenever a craving comes up, it’s an opportunity to read into what your body really needs.  


4. Simple cooking is key

A recipe with over 5 ingredients is saved for special occasions and when they’re clearing the kitchen for the next weeks food haul.  Healthy people know about proper food combining and don’t try to shove too many different things into one meal and overcomplicate the cook.  Same goes with buying food, nothing in their pantry has more than 3 ingredients.  


5. Speaking of ingredients

They cook with food their great grandparents would recognise.  No preprepared curry sauce or powdered mash potato.  Real food, really simple.  


6. Diet is a dirty word

When used in the wrong context.  Diet in latin roughly translates to ‘way of living’.  Conscious eaters won’t buy into a diet trend.  You won’t see them shunning fat or cutting out carbs.  They eat food that nourishes them and stay away from food that will harm them.  This is made even easier because..


7. Their body knows best

They know how to listen to what their body needs.  They don’t gorge because they eat slowly and tune into what’s happening inside.  They are never so full they could be rolled out of a restaurant.  They don’t allow themselves to feel physically sick from eating too much of the wrong (or right) foods.  


8. They never go hungry

Because their kitchen is always full of good food.  Time in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks for the week ahead is time well spent.  Read more here.


9. Food is an investment in their health

A truly nourished person wouldn’t look at an organic apple and put it back because it’s 30 cents more than one that’s conventionally grown.  Healthy people know that it’s worth the peace of mind that their food hasn’t been treated with pesticides or phosphates.  They see this as an investment in their future health and are happy to pay more now and hope for lower healthcare bills in the future. 


Sound simple enough to follow?  If not, just add one of these habits into your daily life and see the turn in your health and vitality.  If you want to go deeper into your nutrition and food habits, you can check out my Coaching Packages to see if I can help get you on the track to energy and a vibrant glow!


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