How great is making goals and resolutions for the new year?  And how annoying is it when three and a bit weeks in you break them?  I have a solution to your problem..  Stop making rules and don't have strict guidelines you need to follow everyday from January 1st onwards. Easy!


I understand that there is something motivating about having a project, challenge or goal to work towards.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all about your new target for a few days.  Then it gets old and kind of boring. I hear you and I have totally been there. 


So what about theming each day of the week?  


I thought I would share with you the little mini challenges I do each week to keep me motivated to be a healthier happier human being and to take just a little better care of my body, mind and spirit.  If you want to join me, it’s super simple to start.  All you have to do is set a reminder in your phone of your daily theme and follow it as best you can.  


On Mondays we cleanse

I find that Monday is the best day to be as clean and light as possible.  After a weekend of fun and probably a little over indulgence it’s good to give your digestion a break and rest your body and mind.  Apparently people don’t like Mondays?  Well get over it, it’s soon going to be your favourite and most productive day of the week!

Monday is a day to eat light.  Have a fresh juice or smoothie for breakfast.  Steer clear of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and animal products.  Have a beautiful salad or vegetable soup for lunch and I love to finish the day with a detoxing homemade vege or bone broth.  Snack on kiwi fruits, berries or an apple.  Don’t allow yourself to feel excessively  hungry but don’t over fill your tummy.  Because of the reduced amount of food this is a great day to rest your body as much as possible.  Meditate for a little longer.  Skip the gym and stretch it out on your yoga matt at home.  


On Tuesdays we connect

This is a theme for your soul.  Make the whole of Tuesday a day to connect with people.  Call someone you love and have a long chat.  Ask people around you how they are and REALLY listen.  Let them talk and ask open ended questions to keep them feeling important to you.  When you get home from work, switch off your phone and leave the TV alone.  Eat dinner and stare into the eyes of your loved ones or make a comfortable space to sit quietly and read.  Look through old photos and connect with your past and let it excite you for the future. 


On Wednesdays we have fun

You should be having some sort of fun every day, right?  But on Wednesdays, make it a full priority.  Make your favourite breakfast.  Listen to the music that got you through high school and sing along like a maniac in the car.  Organise dinner with the person that makes you laugh the most in the world and go somewhere loud with great atmosphere.  Do what ever you need to put you in the best mood possible and turn hump day into fun day.  


On Thursdays we learn

If you’re a student already then this is the perfect day for you to take time out to study something fresh and new.  Thursday is the day for documentaries, reading new books, explore gardening websites and start that herb garden you’ve always wanted.  Buy a magazine you would never usually look at but have always been drawn to.  Make Thursday a day for you to add knowledge, especially in an area that you feel a slight curiosity towards but it hasn’t felt important enough to dedicate time to yet.  


On Fridays we embrace freshness

For me that means throwing out stale food, anything over it’s use by date or that you’ll most likely never use - get it out.  Buy beautiful fresh organic produce that is bursting with nutrients and ready to feed your body for the weekend.  Get outside and fill your lungs with fresh clean air, if you can, work outdoors for the day.  Buy yourself flowers.  Do anything that embodies the theme of freshness for you.  


Then the weekends are for fun and relaxation!  


Obviously the fact that I have a toddler and work from home makes this different for me, but the purpose is to take each theme and tailor it to fit your lifestyle.  Pick your own themes, make your own rules but most importantly, make sure you’re excited about it all.  


The purpose of gratitude for me is to take everyday stuff and make it incredible.  It means taking your life as it is and change it completely by simply adjusting your outlook.  Things like this keep me feeling amazing and motivated.  I hope it does the same for you!