yes, we all have bad days.


Even me, even with two precious girls in my life and a husband that loves me unconditionally. Sometimes I want to punch walls and sulk in my room for no reason.  


And this is totally ok!  It's natural not to always be 'on' and happy.  It's a part of our nature to flow up and down through life.  What's not ok is letting mood carry on too long and become a temperament. What's not ok is buying into the inner lies that our mean girl tells us and letting it become true in our mind, when it's so clearly not!  


So I wanted to share with you some of the best ways to get yourself out of these moods fast.  There is only one effective way that I've found to get out of a funk and that is by using extreme self care!  Keep this list handy and when you need it, choose your favourite (or most convenient) method to help ease you out of the mood.  


:: Have a bath with some beautiful essential oils 

:: Put your phone in a drawer

:: Light candles and read a book

:: Give yourself a mini manicure 

:: Call your bestie

:: Put a coconut oil mask in your hair 

:: Make a face mask

:: Colour in

:: Put your favourite album on

:: Drive somewhere you haven’t been yet

:: Make a cup of herbal tea 

:: Get outside and breathe

:: Watch a romantic comedy alone 

:: Hug someone you love



The best way to minimise these down time is to make sure you're practising self care every single day! I'm sure you've already downloaded my free eBook 30 Days of Self Love, so I've made you a beautiful little list that you can use to document your self love acts for the week ahead to make sure you're getting them done!  



Enjoy, beautiful. 


But most importantly, I want to know your favourite self care ritual to get you out of a low mood?  Let me know in the comments below!

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