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Those of you who visit me regularly on here might have noticed a pretty massive absence lately, and I'd love to explain why and what the future holds. 

To be honest, I have blog posts written up and ready to go but energetically, it didn't feel exciting anymore to post.  I wasn't feeling the love and I wasn't feeling like this was the right way for me to be serving at this time.  I had grand plans of posting shorter 'blog style' posts on Instagram but something swooped in and took my focus away from it.  

The Gratitude Gang.  

I'm sure you've noticed that that is where lots of my energy is going and while there are some really beautiful things happening in that space, I need to release the need to be everywhere online.  Because not only does that not serve me, it doesn't serve you to see me not living authentically to my values around time and freedom.  

So while I'm nurturing and growing with the girls in the Gang, I've had to take a step back.  

But I want to remind you that there is LOADS of amazing content in this blog, if you haven't been here for long then I encourage you to scroll back and read some of the oldies.  Trust that you will find what you need to read, even if it was published in 2015.  

It's definitely not goodbye to blogging, it's just an "I'll see you later".  

I've been having conversations with some big names in the world of Health and Wellness and even stretching into looking for someone to help me take my mission to the next level.  A little voice inside of me is calling out "re-brand" but I want to give that creative energy the space to grow into what it needs to be and not jump into creation mode immediately and burn myself out.  

I want to do it properly, for you.  I've run this site on my own, creating my own page and content and running it all.  Maybe it's time I stop trying to be a jack of all trades and become the Master of my Passion.  

But, for now, I'm all in for the women of the Gang and helping them to build a life that lights them up from the inside and I'm ALWAYS posting on Instagram, come find me and connect through there.  I love reading your comments and seeing all your statements on my posts.  

See you, later.

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self care

Here in the bottom half of the world, we’re preparing for the cooler months ahead.  But I wanted to start May with an intention of more self-care, because, why not?

Autumn is in full swing which, where I live, means I can still go to the beach during the day but I sometimes use my warm blanket and sip hot cacao on the couch.  We don’t really have the array of gorgeous fall leaf colours stunningly decorating the pavement like I see in the movies.  

But in the spirit of Hygge (as I mentioned in my post last week) I thought I would put together a list of my self-care essentials for those of you wanting to snuggle up and get to know your inner goddess. 

Sort of like a seasonal makeover for your soul!



The first self-care essential - a blank page.  Otherwise known as a journal.  My favourite moleskin journal is an necessity for me.  I always get the same size and colour and I date every page as I pour my thoughts onto the page.  It’s the best when the new season aligns with a new book.  



And speaking of books, read one.

Not one for improving your health or for personal development.  Read a novel, a story, an experience put magnificently into words.  I’m re-reading Breakfast at Tiffanys … Classic. 



But I know that self-care for me also means doing things that really make me feel like I’m making my small difference in the world.  And while I personally don’t drink coffee, my husband LOVES a take away bulletproof and I’ve been doing my head at the amount of times we have to throw away another cup!  So in order to do our bit, we’ve got one of these keep cups so we can feel good in ourselves about not contributing to landfill in such a reckless way! 



Then once I feel good about forcing Hugh to carry around his own coffee cup, I can do some more stuff that makes me feel good.  I saw this tool being used by Hilary Duff on Instagram and immediately decided it looked like it feels good and I’m going to be honest … IT DOES!  Check out Nurse Jamie’s Instagram to get an idea of what this thing does! 



True Roots is totally giving me the autumn feels. Something about the word root and the colours.  Plus, it’s written by Kristin Cavallari!  Remember the girl we all loved to hate on Laguna Beach?  She was just so beautiful, but the drama of reality TV made her more exciting.  And now she’s come out with this beauty and I must say, my 30 year old self is a big fat Kristin fan.  

And of course, get the warm blankets, hot raw cacao drinks and candle lit nights at home going strong for extra self loving nourishment! 

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You heard right, all sleep routines weren’t created equally. 

We’ve all been there, waking up after a solid 8 hours but still feeling exhausted. Having regular early nights but still having a 3pm crash.  

But even more annoying - the puffy eyes, dull skin and constant exhaustion. 

Which is why I wanted to share today a little about what I’ve learnt about sleep so that you can lay your head on the pillow and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised in a few simple steps!  

There are things that I know to be true when it comes to getting AMAZING sleep… and it starts the day before.



Slow down your mind

Sleep prep doesn’t happen in the moments before jumping between the sheets.  It happens a few hours before.  

How often do you scroll social media before drifting off?  Or watch reality TV to ‘wind down’ after a big day?  

This may seem like a great way to get ready for sleep BUT it’s actually hindering your sleep quality.  


Because you’re stimulating your mind when you should be allowing it to wind down. 

I know that personally, when I scroll Instagram before bed and check out photos of people on exotic holidays or in their gorgeous homes with their perfectly dressed children - I start to get caught up in a little bit of comparion-itis (learn more about how I combat this here) and my mind can start over thinking things.  How I can serve more people through my business, how I can raise my girls with the values I hold close, how I can be thinner, smarter, prettier and richer!  All the things!  So instead of drifting off into a restful sleep, my mind is racing with thoughts of development and growth.  

On top of that, you’re allowing the blue light that is particular of TV and mobile phones to stop your brain from triggering the release of melatonin.  You may still fall asleep fast, but you won’t fall as easily into the restorative sleep pattern that you need to wake up with energy!  

I personally wear these Blue Blockers at night once the sun goes down to help me get better quality sleep.  Sometimes I have online trainings for the Gratitude Gang at night so I can’t avoid the blue light.  I’ve found since using these glasses for the last year I’ve been able to wind down much fast after a night of connecting with my girl gang! 



Create a wind down ritual

It definitely seems easier to just get into bed when you’ve had a big day and when exhaustion gets the better of you, it’s inevitable that you’ll pass out immediately.  

But having a ritual that prepares you for QUALITY sleep can change the game, allowing you to wake up fresh and refreshed for the day ahead.  


My own ritual is as follows ... 

:: Turn down the lights, leaving on one in my bathroom and a very dull lamp in our room.  

:: Jump in the shower and read over my end of day questions that I have laminated on the shower wall.  Personally I have borrowed Brendon Burchards - Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

:: Put on my face creams and do a little Face Yoga which is a new thing for me that I’m kind of really loving! 

I’ve been using MooGoo Night Time Face Cream and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin when I wake up.  It was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad I’ve been using it religiously lately!  

And then I moisturise my body and pay extra attention to massaging my feet, they held me up all day and they totally deserve extra love! 

:: Last up I read, not something educational but something that calms my mind and prepares me for beautiful dreams.  Inspiring books.  I’m currently re-reading the Tao Te Ching.



Mini Medi

This is the part where we fall asleep.  I highly recommend having your phone in a different room when you sleep and also keeping it on night mode so you don’t hear or feel any vibrations or notifications.  But I know that some people will thrive on a guided meditation to get them started with this ritual.  I would recommend doing one weeks worth of guided meditations (I love the Omvana app) and then start to leave your phone in a different room and take yourself through the meditations.  

Usually you’ll get a few minutes in and drift off. 


So those are three splendidly simple steps to a better and more beautifying sleep.  I’d love to know what you have tried and what has made a difference in your sleep routine below! 

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Autumn has hit in Australia and I’m all about seasonal everything right now.  It’s my obsession.  

From getting way too into Hygge (I’m going to do a live about this soon… watch this space), to not just eating seasonally but exercising and even adjusting my self care ritual to suit the fresh season.  I’m even getting more and more excited about the spiritual meaning of Autumn.    

Like I said, obsession.  

And because I love you, I want to share what I’m loving, learning and living.  

But let's start with my revitalised beauty cabinet?  


First up, the face!  

When the weather changes, my skin reacts!  I can get redness on my chin, dry skin around my nose and the seasonal adjustments can sometimes result in a flare up of dermatitis that I used to get as a teen and sometimes even blemishes!  

I’ve said this before, exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!  I used to think that scrubbing would make my skin more dry but it actually does the opposite.  

I’ve been using this Eco by Sonya Driver Skin Compost Exfoliant and I’m loving it!  My skin feels so soft after using it! 

And of course you can’t forget the body.  I love to dry body brush in the mornings but I know that as it gets colder, I get lazier and want to jump straight into a warm shower.  So I’ve got this Divine Company Exfoliating Body Scrub sitting in my shower, ready to rock!

And I’m from the Gold Coast so it’s clear and obvious that I love a tan.  And I also love keeping my skin young so it’s mostly a fake bake.  My fave one, right here!

And to keep that freshly scrubbed skin feeling nice and hydrated, I’m 100% sure you will fall in love with this moisturiser like I did.  There are only 5 or 6 ingredients and it’s so luscious!  Plus, all the celebrities use it so it must work, right?

Then in order to keep moving towards naturally ageless (while ageing gracefully at the same time, such a juggle!) we know we need to keep our insides doing the things, right?  I drink this Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Boost daily.  It’s yummy and it’s collagen boosting, you can’t lose! 


And look, this isn’t really a beauty must have, but it’s a wellbeing must have and while I’m at it - TONGUE SCRAPING!  If you’re not doing it, you must start.  Not only does it give your mouth a whole new level of clean but I believe it also removes small particles of food from the pores of your tongue, so your no longer having your body ‘taste’ these foods and cravings can decrease dramatically. Just try it for 30 days!

Another beauty must have is one I was gifted in an event goodie bag. This is my sole saviour.  Literally, if cracked heels aren’t something you’re digging, lather this stuffon, cover in socks and wake up in the morning with the most divine, baby smooth soles.  I’m sure it’s got other uses but it’s usually seen on the base of my big feet!

And I’m going to finish off by spilling the secret.  Sometimes I get asked how I get my hair the way I do… This is exactly what I use and I promise that if you want it, I’ll do a mini tutorial on how I use it.  So go ahead and get yourself one and in a few weeks, we’ll get you some beach waves for days.  Sound good?  

Also - this brush is amazing! 


I hope this is a helpful step towards your Autumn beauty rituals.  I would LOVE to know what you use and love that keeps you feeling nurtured when the temperature drops?  Tell me in the comments below!

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We’re officially halfway through Autumn and I’ve spent the last 6 weeks diving deep into doing everything seasonally.  

I mean everything!  

The next few weeks I’m going to have a focus on seasonal eating, seasonal beauty, seasonal self-care and everything else that is exciting me lately.  

But I wanted to start by unpacking the spiritual side of this season. 

It’s always been a favourite of mine.  Here in Australia, Autumn doesn’t mean the leaves turning and dropping, leaving a blanket of orange, yellow and red on the ground.  It basically just means you use a blanket at night.  So it’s not quite as dramatic as some places in the world but still a beautiful reason to view and adjust your rituals and belief systems as needed.   


So, what is it that I have found this 3 month period of the year to mean for me?


Autumn is all about change.  

Shedding what no longer serves you.  

Change, transformation, transition. 


I believe this time of year is about releasing and letting go, slowing down and preparing for Winter.  It’s a time to look at the BS (belief systems, not what you were thinking!) that aren’t serving you and get into action with removing the doubt, self-sabotage and frustrations that can come up in the months prior.  

I believe it’s about both releasing and embracing.  Saying goodbye to the parts of you that aren’t serving your path and allowing yourself to be secure and confident in exposing the parts of you that are sometimes hidden.  

I believe that in the way animals prepare to hibernate and stock up for winter ahead, it’s also important for us to prepare to be a little more intentionally isolated so that we can connect back with ourselves.  


Find comfort. 

Find balance. 

Find acceptance in releasing what you no longer need to hold onto.  

Enjoy letting the parts of you that need to go, go.  


I would love to know what you feel you want to let go of this season? What parts of yourself are you going to allow to drop off and float gently where they belong?

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I had never heard of Postnatal Depletion, in fact, I didn’t know it was a real thing until I decided I had it and decided to search Google for answers.  

I had been told after having my first, Bo, that it took the body up to 4 years to replenish and heal from the work of pregnancy and giving birth.  Which is exactly why I waited that long between my two girls!  But I didn’t realise that PD could last a decade if not addressed.  

This isn’t only because being a mum sees most of us eating our children leftovers, lacking sleep and stressing over the safety of our little loves, but also because our body takes a significant nutritional beating when we’re pregnant.  We give lots to our unborn babies and rarely do we consciously replenish what we need.  


So what does Post Natal Depletion look like?  It will be different for every mother but for me - 

:: overtired, often wired

:: unstable appetite, sometimes starving, sometimes forgetting whole meals

:: mood swings

:: poor memory

:: baby brain

:: zero sex drive (poor Hugh!) 


And I was really interested to learn that a mother's brain actually shrinks up to 5% when pregnant as we support the growth of our babies.  So baby brain is actually a thing - our brains got smaller! 

The second time around with our beautiful girl Harper, I was aware that I wasn’t bouncing back as fast as I did with Bo.  I was only 6 weeks into being a mother of two, but I knew I didn’t feel right.  

All the above symptoms were making life pretty difficult, as you can imagine!  Plus I did something very 2017 and went right back to working on my online business.  


I really struggled with all of this.  From the outside of myself, I could see what I needed.  I knew that going back to work wasn’t serving me, I needed to recover from giving birth and the last 9 months of a pretty taxing pregnancy.  I knew that I needed to eat REALLY good quality food, not grab a bliss ball and say that would be fine for lunch because I was ‘busy’.  I needed more sleep (that wasn’t going to happen though!) 


I felt like I needed to be everything to everyone.  My business, my girls and my husband.  My friends.  But I felt like I was failing at it all.  And that was really hard.  I knew what I needed to do but the pull of wanting to show up for everyone else kept me from taking care of me.  

Thank goodness I had a husband who could see that I was suffering. I know not everyone has that kind of support and encouragement so I hope that this message will be one that helps you to do what you need to do for you.  I want to support you.  

He told me he could see me falling apart.  I see it in so many other mothers and it breaks my heart.  


So instead of writing a list of things in this blog, then letting you read and maybe forget most of it, I’m going to host a webinar just for you. I’m going to tell you exactly the things I did to get me out of, and stay out of, postnatal depletion.  


I have 200 spaces for this online event.  You can watch in your undies while breastfeeding or be walking with your kids at the park.  You can organise a sitter so you can be totally present or you can plug in your earphones and lay next to your sleeping bub while taking in all you can from this.  


This is 100% free.  


There is zero charge for this, just your time.  I don’t want you to suffer, I don’t want women to feel ok with constantly giving and forgetting to replenish themselves on the three levels that I find most important - physical, mental and emotional.  

I’m going to share with you what I did.  From the foods I increased to the ones I removed.  The way I exercised (I had some trial and error here) and the thought patterns that I needed to change and how I did that.  

I’m not an expert on PD.  But I’m someone who has been through it and came out the other side, energised!  

I want to help you have the same story to tell about your life as a happy, healthy, thriving mama!  


Join me on Tuesday 27 March at 10:00AM AEST (FYI, that's 11:00AM in Sydney and 1:00PM n New Zealand!)





Having a morning routine is the key to a productive, positive and calm day.  


There are millions of online articles telling you how to have a good morning, what you should be doing, the time you should wake up and exactly the order things need to be done.  

That’s all well and good, but what if you could create a routine that fit in perfectly with what feels good to you, comes naturally to you and helps you to feel like you’re living in flow?  


You can, I’m going to tell you how.



There are literally 84 million google search results to this question.  Some experts will tell you 7am is the ideal time to rise, others that you should shift your time with when the sun rises, others say 4:30am is the sweet spot.  But there is one question I find these experts fail to ask is 

“What time do you naturally wake up?”

This is key to getting to know your sleep cycle and getting further into your quality of sleep!    If you do feel like you’re not having a good slumber and restless nights, I highly recommend you read The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington.  This book will change your sleep, energy and relationships.  

So, if you’re having good quality sleep, going to bed at a reasonable hour and sleeping in a calm environment, you should naturally wake up at a time when your body has rested.  



This is the fun part, choose your own adventure style morning rituals!  Below is a list of some beneficial things you could do, you get to structure it however you want, listening to what your body and mind need each day.  


:: Have a glass of warm water and lemon 

:: Roll out of bed onto your yoga matt and stretch for 5-10 minutes

:: Meditate

:: Journal

:: Watch the sunrise (if you’re early enough) 

:: Head out for a walk


So again, you get to construct a conscious ritual that is tailor made for YOU.  



This one is easy.  

Real food.  

Yup, just eat real food.  That real food can be scrambled eggs with some turmeric coated veggies, overnight oats with berries, a green smoothie or whatever makes your body feel good and isn’t coming out of a packet with more than two ingredients!  

In the Health Hub, we have SO MANY amazing breakfast ideas!  Loads of juice ideas, smoothies and light options to the heavier Sunday breakfast indulgences (including our Complete Pancakes that have superfoods like spirulina, mushroom powders and pumpkin powder that taste better than the naughty gluten laden version!) so if you’re struggling with ideas, you know where to look!


These are my three steps to a simply successful morning routine.  Wake up with purpose, do something grounding and nourish your temple.  

It’s really THAT SIMPLE! 



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health coach

This is definitely something I have asked myself a lot lately.


So many of you have been asking if something along the lines of a podcast was going to be coming out through The Gratitude Project this year and I can safely answer… No!


Why? You may ask.


There are several reasons right now, several reasons why this doesn’t feel aligned currently. I know that strategically it’s the smart thing to do for my business, but right now it’s just not something that I have space for both in time and in mental capacity.


As many of you would know, I gave birth last year and I have spent the last 12 months working and raising a tiny human. This has definitely been a new challenge in itself, but oh so rewarding!


I've struggled with giving myself fully to my family, The Gratitude Project blog (hello, it's been a month since my last post!) and my new project The Gratitude Gang.  It's been a huge lesson in my limits, listening to my intuition and knowing when to pause and rest - not quit! 


Some things I've found to be true : 

:: I do better with routine and structure 

:: My thoughts really do create my reality

:: Having it all, all at once, is rare


So while there have been some things that have hurt me to say goodbye to, it's given me so much more space for having FUN in my business. 


Which brings me back to the podcast thing...


I find speaking and interviewing people really FUN!  But the back end of a podcast seems to be something that could take the fun away from me with it.  


So I've come up with a better solution for me to share in a new way.  


In The Gratitude Transformation (my epic online program for women who want to find the joy in the life they're living right now) we have an online Facebook group where the girls connect and inspire each other.  I pop in and do my thing every now and then but recently I realised that the feminine connection is something that is really lighting me up right now!

So I committed to the girls that we would be doing monthly (sometimes more) group calls based on the topics of their choosing!  Laser coaching for the soul, you might say.  


And during these sessions, I'm going to be inviting in some incredible women to share and give extra goodness and wisdom to the group.  




Some of these women you may already know, some will be completely new to this world.  But the commonality will be the stories.  The proof that we have control over consciously creating the lives we want to live and straightforward, implementable tips to help you do that. 

So that means, live interviews where you can ask these amazing people ANYTHING you want.




I'm so excited to be welcoming in a new wave of Gratitude Seekers to join this experience with me.  You can read all about The Gratitude Transformation right here and once you've made the decision to start living in alignment with your beliefs (you wouldn't be here if that wasn't a goal, right?) I will add you into our special group and you can experience not only the program for yourself, but come along for the ride of hearing inspirational people tell real stories from the heart. 


I cannot wait to announce our first LIVE interview this month!  







After having a day with the Gratitude Gang yesterday working on our 2018 Intentions, I realised two things. 


:: ACCEPTANCE was a big part of 2017 for me

:: I didn't do enough GRATITUDE


Yup, I have a business called the Gratitude Project and I didn't live my truth this year. 


It wasn't easy.  This year saw more tears, more moments of exhaustion and more sadness than ever before.  But this year also saw more good than I've ever had or experienced.  

As high as I went, I fell that low.  


So this morning I set myself up on my balcony to journal.  In the background, Bo was playing with her new talking toy from Santa.  Harper was banging a hairbrush and singing very loud with the beat.  Somehow they had turned the TV on (sports channel, of all things) and I had my mantras playing on the Bose.  


So. Much. Noise. 


But I was set down on the mat, ready to journal and I wasn't giving up. 


So instead of doing what's been easy for me this year, blaming my environment on my state, I took charge of how I wanted to feel.  I wrote.  I wrote about why I was grateful for the noise and messiness of my home.  I wrote about how lucky I am to have these two little girls in my life.  I wrote about where I'm lucky enough to be sitting, with limited beach views and a breeze.  


And I realised as I was writing that I was comparing.  


But... Isn't comparison wrong?!


I've always lived by this truth, don't compare.  It doesn't help.  I remember Julie Parker once saying that comparison is just procrastination.  But, here I am, using my gratitude practice to compare to others.  


"How lucky I am to have these children, some other people would give anything to have their own"

"This breeze, this beautiful breeze I have when some people are trapped in places where they won't feel this air on their body"


And it got me thinking that maybe comparing is ok, maybe we can compare at times.  With boundaries


:: I choose not to use comparison to feel superior to another human, but to bring acknowledgement to my current situation. 

:: I choose not to use it to bring others down, but to give myself perception of what I have in my life. 

:: And I could even choose to use it to help others when the situation permits.  


So next time I'm using comparison to bring myself down, I'm going to remember that there are moments when I use it to lift me up.  I get to choose how I do it.  

I just need to stay conscious. 

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Some days I'm all about green smoothies and kale chips.

Others I'm about chocolate. ALL. THE. CHOCOLATE.



So when I have a treat, I want it to be tasty, a little guilty but also healthy enough to not make me feel like death after eating it.  

I found this great recipe right here, but I amended it slightly because I found it a little sweet.  So below is what I make and love.  These are a huge hit in our house and we always share the batch with our friends who live close by, because putting this much love into something deserves to be shared around.  



  • 3/4 cup + 2 1/2 tablespoons (104 grams) raw cacao powder
  • 2/3 cup + 2 tablespoons (80 grams) almond meal
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons GF baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (126 grams) coconut oil, melted
  • 2/3 cup (213 grams) honey
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 4 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat your oven to 175 °C and line a muffin pan.
  2. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the raw cacao powder, almond meal, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, stir together the melted coconut oil, honey, applesauce, eggs and vanilla. Add the dry mixture to the wet and stir just until combined.
  4. Pour the batter evenly into the muffin liners, about 3/4 full.
  5. Bake for 24-28 minutes. A toothpick inserted in the middle should come out mostly clean. 
  6. Let cool for 5 minutes and then remove to a wire rack to cool completely. These do not taste very good straight out of the oven. I recommend letting them sit for 2 hours and then frosting.